Wild Ark – article recap

Wild Ark is a organization to protect wild life habitats. Their mission is protect the wild places. They do some researches about wild life habitats, such as the South Africa, Alaska and Kenya’s see. In the Kenya’s see, wild ark research team rescue turtles. They are learning and protecting wild lives around the world with their experiences. While they are working with the nature, they are try to reconnect the wild life and human beings together. Also, they are try to protect the wild life for the future generations. The wild ark organization offer travel programs in South Africa and Alaska. They are planing trips for the public’s to inspire the wild life adventure. They have educated and experienced team members for the wild life adventure. In South Africa and Alaska has so many wild life habitats. If someone travel South Africa or Alaska or any of the wild life habitat, they can get experience about animal behaviors, explore more about the wild life creatures, and they can get experience, how to handle life without technology and comfortable houses. That is going to be a different experience. Also, being around the wild life, we can protect the wild animals from the animal crimes. In Wild ark organization website, they are posting variety of journals about the wild life, such as how to connect with wild life, about elephants, adventure in Africa, and information about their researches. In modern world, all human beings get busy with their fast facing modern life. It makes them anxiety and depression. Eventually, If someone connect with nature, their depression go away. Wild ark gives some valuable tips to the people. As a human beings we can always connect with nature, such as go walk around the bushes, watching sunset, play in the creak, get lunch in the park, go camping. As a human beings we all have to protect our nature.

For more details, please visit http://wildark.com/.

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