United Airlines Wants to Be Family-Friendly Again


Customer service is important in all industries. Airlines know this. Management can make lapses in judgment, and this leads to customer service failures. United has learned the proverbial error of its ways. Pre-boarding is returning to United flights.

On February 15th, 2016, United Airlines is going to re-instate its policy to allow parents with small toddlers to pre-board. In 2012, right after a merger with Continental, parents and toddlers were mysterious dropped from pre-boarding. For some strange reason, management at United choose to ignore repeated call to restore the family-friendly policy.

Perception is everything in a competitive market. By resisting the reinstatement of a family-friendly policy, United was developing a perception of being inconsiderate towards its customers. Families that end up perceiving United as not caring about their needs probably will be more inclined to go elsewhere.

A campaign was launched to get United to reverse its policy, but no progress was made until recently. Business expert Marc Sparks notes that part of the reason is the company has a new CEO in the form of Oscar Munoz. Munoz wants to make good customer service the hallmark of his approach to running the airline. That is definitely not a bad approach to have. Companies with good customer service are going to be more attractive to customers.

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