Trump Dogmas Cost him Charles Koch Backing

Speaking to a reporter of ABC News Charles Koch said that he would possibly support Hilary Clinton. Clearly he is not happy with the Republican party politic neither does he appreciate Donald Trump political approaches.

Charles Koch is the CEO and chairman of the board of Koch Industries Inc. He has held the position since 1967, and the company has been transformed into a dynamic and diverse company. Koch Industries has employed thousands of employees and is in about 60 countries. Since 2003, the company has invested around 65 billion in acquisition and capital expenditures. His company is involved in refining, chemicals and biofuels; fertilizers; polymers and fibers; forest and consumer products; electronic components; process and pollution control equipment and technologies; commodity trading; minerals; energy; ranching; glass and investments. The success of the company is as results of Mr. Koch commitment to scientific and social progress.

Charles was born in Wichita, Kansas. He has been married Elizabeth for 41 years and has two children. Koch has always supported academic policy research for over 50 years. He once worked for Arthur D. Little, Inc. as an engineer. Charles G. Koch is a classical liberal, he is opposed corporate welfare and is critical of government regulations.

In a recent interview, Charles Koch suggested that he would support Hillary Clinton. It would have been a good idea if Donald Trump had talked more about politics. Koch reasons to support Hillary is not because of who she is but because of the challenges of the general elections. Mr. Koch has been around politics for a long time. He is a conservative just like Donald Trump. Many have always seen him however as a Republican especially the Democrats. For Koch to support a Democrat, he must have been disappointed by the conservatives. In that interview, the tone of his voice gave an indication of that, and it seems he is not happy with where the conservative party has ended up.

There was the idea of a “donor class” was to help Ted Cruz get the nomination. However, Trump appears to have taken the party, the presidency, and also the credibility. The lack to distinguish friends and foes of the conservative must have lead Koch to back Hillary. He has run along Republican party and at times, they have overlapped with them.

In a recent interview, Hilary Clinton confirmed that she was on Charles Koch payroll. It is clear now that Trump will not be getting support from Koch even though many would view them as friends or being alike.

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