Traveling Vineyard: Napa Valley Wine Industry Leaders

When a person hears about the viticultural Area of “Napa Valley” fine wine is generally thought of as it is one of the leading regions worldwide that produce wine. The areas Mediterranean climate and estuarine flat topography makes cultivating grapes so beneficial. While there is no shortage of wine touring for connoisseurs to enjoy, Napa Valley is also jam-packed with other fun things to do. The area boasts everything from safaris to hot balloon air tours and everything in-between.

If you are an art lover the Napa Valley art walk is a great choice when exploring the downtown areas. The exhibit hosts a visually stimulating array of high-quality 3D sculptures created by gifted artists from the west. Many consider it to be like a modern museum but alfresco. Everyone who enjoys fine art will find something that appeals to their senses and some can even be purchased for your own yard or business display. A visit to Napa Valley wouldn’t be complete without a stroll through the art display. Who wouldn’t want to take in a giant hummingbird or a giant wine bottle made exclusively of coiled grapevine?

If you enjoy cooking head over to the Silverado cooking school to whip up something divine with the renowned Chef Malcolm de Sieyes. With a unique history as a professional photographer, sailor, EMT and aquatic animal coordinator Chef Malcolm offers a one of a kind experience when instructing in his class. You cannot have good wine without good food as well and you will have your taste buds tantalized under Chef Malcolm’s instruction.

Traveling Vineyard is an American private business based in Massachusetts that employs a one-on-one platform of in-home wine tastings for members. They have around 5000 independent wine guide associates that use the Party Plan method for the direct selling of wine.

Representatives pay a onetime fee and for this they receive a wine kit, training and educational materials for hosting their first tasting event. After the event, people can purchase any of the wine they liked. Traveling Vineyard affords its associates a fun and lucrative lifestyle.

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