Todd Lubar – Making Your Home Smart

Todd Lubar believes that all life changing devices begin with bright and passionate entrepreneurial inventors. The new craze and the technology that Todd Lubar is the most excited about are home devices that connect to any smart device. One can have your home connected to your smart device while you are anywhere worldwide at any time.


According to Yelp, Todd loves the safety aspect of smart technology. He uses the example of a person confined to the wheelchair. It is dark in the room. Todd believes that voice activated lights are the perfect solution for safety in general.


The popularity of digitally connected devices for our homes is exploding. Mr Lunbar believes that homes should be smart all over the world. Todd Lubar is making moves toward making different and new technology pieces that fit in the home and that stay connected available all over the world. One of the most energy saving and comforting connected home device that changes many lives is the thermostat. People worldwide can use their smart device to make sure the house will be either toasty warm or icy cold. This wins over all connected devices for those not handicapped.


Todd Lubar has lifted a handful of companies to millions of dollars. TDL Global Ventures, LLC is the company that Mr. Lubar is president of. Real Estate has been his profession for over 20 years. Todd Lubar believes in using what he has and his skills to help people prepare their dreams. He has worked with celebrity and common homes.


Mr. Lubar loves coffee and kids in the morning. He loves eating in the morning with his kids. As all great minds must do, Mr. Lubar finds out about the day’s news. He finds out what is pressing in email. He works out to get the blood and his energy flowing. This is what almost all entrepreneurs’ do. You can visit his Instagram to see more.



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