The RealReal: Real Luxury, Real Style

Who says you have to pay top dollar for luxury? At The RealReal, you can get quality, designer pieces, in previously owned yet excellent condition. The RealReal sources its inventory from consignors, who pass on their high end items they no longer use. Because designer brands are made to last, the well cared for products accepted at The RealReal have a lot of life left to live. Whether you want vintage or prefer a more recent style, you can find it at The RealReal.

Their Instagram, @therealreal, is a testament to the quality items they have to offer. There they feature shoes, jewelry, bags, and more from the likes of designer names such as Fendi, Balenciaga, Gucci, and Chanel. They use models of all ages, which is a reminder that real style is for everyone. Their photos are a collection of modeled pieces, close-ups, and fashion-related quotes. Sprinkled throughout are posts where you can enter a giveaway for the piece featured in the photo. The time period for giveaways are short, so hurry to enter if you see one open.

The items shown on Instagram are available online on The RealReal website, but don’t expect them to last long. The majority of items consigned sell within 30 days. Featured pieces on Instagram are likely to be snatched up quickly. There are also two store locations, in SoHo, New York and Los Angeles, California, where merchandise can be seen in-person, while simultaneously being available for purchase on The RealReal website. Consignment offices are scattered across the country, where you can bring in items for consignment or valuation.

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