The career path of Igor Cornelsen that resulted in him starting his investment firm

On the 4th October 1947, that’s when the life of Igor Cornelsen began he was born, in Curitiba, Brazil. He joined the university in 1965 in an engineering school in the Federal University of Parana. At the time he was studying for someone that wanted the engineering school around Parana and Santa Catarina it was the only university offering the course. Though him studying to become an engineer did not last for long because after two years, he decided to start studying economics though at the same university. In 1970, that’s when Igor Cornelsen graduated from the university and at an investment bank that’s why he landed his first job.

There was the common practice that made the engineers be in demand because they had the skills needed in calculating the compounded that involved the interest rates with the rules. The skill at the time was so valuable because the computers and calculators were not available. In that sector that’s where Igor created a reputation for himself, that landed him a job in Rio, with an exceptional chance of offering his services as the investment banker. He ensured that he provided his best to the company resulting in Igor Cornelsen getting a promotion to become Multibanco board of director in1974, not long after that he was the CEO in 1976.

Igor did not last with the company for long because he left to look for other opportunities after the Bank of Africa purchased the company. The first opportunity that he got was he moved to Unibanco, a company in Brazil that was leading when it came to investment firms. In 1985 when the inflation rate was taking place that’s when he left the company. He got work at the Libra Bank PLC. It was a start of something unusual in his career because it meant that for the first time his salary was to be in US Dollars. That was the start of the investment opportunity. There was the move with the colleagues to London to work at Standard Chartered Merchant Bank where he offered his services being one of the boards of directors. He offered his services to the company for seven years, after which he moved to start something new and that resulted in him starting his investment firm.

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