Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina Gives Back to Business Owners

Bob Reina is no stranger to giving back. In fact, the Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion is one of the most committed people you will ever meet when it comes to his mission to give back to communities. He has donated $1 million to the Tampa Bay Humane Society, an orphanage in Indonesia, and to those victims who suffered from a natural disaster. Bob has also given money to help countless animals receive the life-saving operations they desperately need. When you have someone this passionate, you want to know what big thing he is going to do next.

Bob recently announced that he started up a program where Talk Fusion Associates are able to choose a charity of their choice and donate one free charity account to them. With this free account, charities will have access to all of Talk Fusion’s products. They can customize their videos so their logos are attached to them in order for people to know exactly who they are. These video products include Video Newsletters, Video Email, Video Chat, and Live Meetings. These products are not only user-friendly, but they also work on all mobile devices.

To use Talk Fusion’s products, you simply need to record a video and upload it to your Talk Fusion account. Once you do that, you will be able to customize and insert the video link into an email. Once you send the video email off to current and potential customers, they will then be able to click on the link and have the video play right in the email. You can use these video products to announce the opening of your business or non-profit, promote upcoming sales, conduct business meetings, or even promote an upcoming charity or animal adoption event. When people see your videos, they will be in awe as this is a much faster and more effective way to communicate with others. These products will not only help your business grow, but they will also help your sales skyrocket like you have never seen them before. It is worth testing out these products and see what they can do for your organization.

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