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“Sickboy” Relevance to the Chainsmokers.

Identity crisis has crippled out our society, individuals are getting discriminated for what they are not. Social media has taken the blame as it provides the ideal setting for one to express a feeling or opinion about a person. People are living in a generation where they rely on comments on the social media pages.

“Sickboy,” a song by The Chainsmokers seeks to explain the effect of social media to the current generation. The faces behind the award-winning electronic music production duo the Chainsmokers is Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, who are working to develop a new brand of dance music. The pair met only recently and are now producing music that not only entertains but also educates fans around the world.

The duo started out with straight-up dance music at the beginning, but they are now venturing into darker music in which they are carrying their fans along. They have formed a deep connection with fans all around the world such that they can understand their music however cryptic. The pair has worked hard to produce “Sickboy” taking over nine months for the song to be released.

The song is directed to the current society as many people are becoming a travesty of who they are. They depend on social media to express and describe their personality; this leads to one becoming who they are not due to misinterpretations. Many people are affected by delusions of who they are starting from artists to students.

People are now marketing themselves in this platforms trying to bring out the best in them. Kids are now using Instagram to try to discover their personalities as well as relate to other people. Social media is being taken seriously with each passing day as people have developed careers on this social pages. “Sickboy” illustrates the effects of social media on a personal level to both Alex and Andrew coming from what they observe and experience. People who will listen to the song will learn a lot and know how to help people who are affected by the pressure set up by the social media. The Chainsmokers are working to avoid social media from ruining reality through their music.