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Ted Bauman Sparks Change with Banyan Hill

Today, investor and asset protection expert, Ted Bauman, is an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, overseeing the newsletters, Plan B Club and the Bauman Letter. A native of Washington D.C., Ted Bauman was raised on the eastern shore of Maryland but decided to leave for Africa as a young man in order to complete his graduate studies. After earning degrees in Economics and History from the University of Cape Town, Mr. Bauman entered South Africa’s workforce, where stayed for over twenty-five years working in the non-profit sector as an executive and consultant. In 2008, he returned to the United States, taking a position with Habitat for Humanity, working as their Director of International Housing Programs. By 2013, Ted Bauman was seeking another career change – one in which he could utilize his expansive expertise regarding finance and asset management. After speaking with his father, former United States Congressman, Robert Bauman, he pursued a career in writing with Banyan Hill Publishing – a transition which he describes as the happiest point in his career. In addition to the newsletters at Banyan Hill, he also contributes to a number of reputable media outlets – most notably, the Journal of Microfinance, and South Africa’s Cape Times. He recently collaborated with his father on a book entitled, Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally).

As a writer for Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman is responsible for bringing his ideas to life. Admittedly, many of the issues associated with finance and asset management can be mundane, so he often injects real examples in his writing style, in order to make a connection with his growing audience. As his audience expands, Mr. Bauman has recognized a growing trend that has him really excited about the future. With complete financial sovereignty being such a major point of emphasis, he’s noticed his audience adopt this concept, while also questioning the traditional role of the governments around the world. The connection between the government and the world’s top corporations is being challenged by a vast portion of his audience, and they are now actively seeking solutions that might fix the problems of yesterday.

Ted Bauman’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TedBaumanGuru/

The Underlying Propeller for the Success of the Fortress Investment Group

The humble beginnings of Fortress Investment Group date back to 1998 when it was founded by a group of 5 people including the famous Wes Edens and Pete Bridger. The company has seen enormous growth over the years and by 2006 it was traded publicly and caught the attention of many. By this, it became the first and largest corporation which was owned privately to be traded publicly in the United States. The Group has become one of the leading and highly diversified investment manager globally $43.6 billion worth of asset under its management by the closing of the year 2017.Fortress Investment Group has been put to the task of managing assets in form of credit, real estates, equities, and capital investment of more than 1,750 institutions and private investors. The aim of the Group is to provide their customers and clients with risk-adjusted returns hence investment performance is the backbone of their operations. The employees in the Group are always satisfied with the facilities and benefits provided and this could be the reason why the staff population keeps on increasing.

By December 2017, they had over 1000 qualified asset managers and investment professionals.The core competencies that have been the cornerstone of the success of Fortress Investment Group include their knowledge of the industry they operate in, investing on asset-based where they are great experts in owning assets, financing the assets, pricing them and managing them, knowledge of the capital markets and corporate mergers and acquisitions. In 2015, the Group launched Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund IV, Fortress Japan Opportunity Fund III, and Fortress Real Estate Opportunities Fund II and also offered its IPO on the NYSE. In 2014, the corporation launched Fortress Equity Partners and Liquid Markets Affiliated Manager Platform.The leadership at Fortress Investment Group is steered at maintaining good corporate governance practices and initiatives. The firm has a well laid out strategies and procedures for ensuring that every business operation is carried out with the highest level of accountability and transparency.

The 3 main leaders at the top in the organization include Pete L. Briger who is the Principal and Co-CEO at San Francisco, Wesley R. Edens who is the Co-Founder, Principal, and Co-CEO at New York and Randal A. Nardone who is the Co-Founder and Principal at New York. Softbank Group Corp finalized the acquisition procedures of Fortress Investment Group for around $3.3 billion however the leadership of the Group is to continue with their functions. As a result of the merger, the Fortress stock was delisted from the New York Stock Exchange. Nevertheless, the Group will continue functioning independently with all its management and staffs because its success has impressed the Softbank Group.The Group has been of the help of various organizations in sponsoring events. In 2010, the firm had promised to give $875 million for the development of the Olympic athlete’s village in Vancouver, Columbia. This is where the 2010 Winter Olympics were to be held. It has been recognized as a hedge fund manager of the year 2014 in the investment magazine and also various investment companies have recognized it putting it in the limelight of possible acquisitions.