Securus Technologies Helping Officers Deal With Gangs

Gangs in prison are more dangerous that you might think, especially when the entire prison population outnumbers the inmates by 4:1 in most cases. As a corrections officer, I know that each day I head off for work I need to bring my A-game or I could wind up in a hospital or worse. These gang members in jail have a real hatred for authority, so we have to follow a strict regime each day to try and keep order.


Weapons and drugs in an inmates hands inside prison is a very dangerous combination, so we are always working to limit the flow of contraband into the jail. The one place we see the most potential for trouble is at the visitor center, and here is where inmates are up close and personal with the outside world, and it only takes the blink of an eye for something to go from one person to the next. This is why we do searches of every person before they meet and after they meet.


Securus Technologies is the company we partnered with to help update the inmate call monitoring system we are using in our facility. The company has thousands of employees and have these monitoring system in 2,600 jails, so they know what they are doing. The objective of Securus Technologies is making the world safer, and we just hoped it would do the same for our work area.


Using the LBS software allows us to listen to all the inmate calls and identify certain conversations that could help us find weapons and drugs. This week alone we heard inmates talk about selling drugs and kicking money to the gang leaders, smuggling prescription drugs on certain dates, and who hides the drugs in a safe place outside their cells at night.

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