Rocketship Education And The Pressingg Problems Faced By Students In San Jose

One of the challenges of the educational system today is the fact that the educational programs offered may not match the demanding modern markets and jobs available now. This is a national problem that has to be addressed. For this reason, the people behind Rocketship Education are initiating programs that help address the inequality of the quality of education that students receive.

The American Dream Renewed

One example cited by Rocketship Foundation that suffered from the inequality of the educational system today is what is happening right now in San Jose. According to a study in Harvard in 2014, San Jose is facing a lot of educational challenges that render their students unable to find the jobs that they need, want or deserve. Because of socially poor students that immigrated from places like Canada and Denmark, there is more need for San Jose’s local government to get their hands together and remedy the issue.

What Rocketship Education Offers

Because of such issue, Rocketship Foundation might have made it their purpose to form a non-profit network of public charter schools that are linked with community organizations in making their standards of living grow. Excellent education is key to transforming low-income communities, and it’s this vision that fuels Rocketship Foundation to form a sort of ecosystem that promotes quality public spending in the right educational programs. Of course, there is such a thing as wrong education. This can be seen from over emphasis on books, theories and text, instead of tinkering around, the way the investors of the past did it.

Despite the excellent team of English language teachers that are put in place in San Jose from Rocketship Foundation, it’s still a big challenge for the teachers in the non-profit network to assist the low-income communities in San Jose’s surrounding areas. Despite that, because of the cooperation of various networks and concerned individuals, there are now more than 25 high-performing charter schools that have ingrained the vision and promise of Rocketship Foundation. This has been an enormous success and improvement since the project was launched in 2007. Truly, with the remarkable staff behind Rocketship, it is now easier to find the real solutions to the pressing problems of the low-quality educational system, at least in San Jose area.

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