Achievements of Glen Wakeman in his Career Life

Glen Wakeman is best known for his proven 5 stage performance method of focusing on human capital, risk management, execution, and leadership power in business. Wakeman has become in the mind of people for his mentoring, entrepreneurial soul, and as the one who has led to business revolution. His work includes the founding of M&A which is leading for most startup companies and creating new methodologies in performance. Also, he is known due to Launchpad Holdings LLC which is a SAAS corporation founded in 2015 (Slideshare). Being a leading investor and blogger enabled Wakeman to inspire others on everything from financial matters to leadership strategies.

His experience with emerging issues in market, divestitures, and corporate management makes Wakeman a sharp market strategist, giving insightful advice to executive level members like Sitter Bees together with Dream funded executives who have built up the reputation for accurate techniques that apply to different industries like the ones Wakeman helped recently. Glen Wakeman is a holder of MBA in Finance and BS in Economics. During his early career, Wakeman successfully held positions at GE Capital, Doral Financial Corp., and he acted as the founder of the famous Nova Four.

Wakeman has helped businesses with 17,000 and staff individuals with $15bn in assets, resulting in their development and achievement ( He also applies his proven methodology using five key performance areas: human capital, governance, execution, risk management and leadership. As a coach, he has aided various C-level executives and presently counsels Sitter Bees. He is passionate about innovation, growth, and administrative growth.

Glen Wakeman is the leading participant in transforming business ideas, so his experience with leadership in global affairs is invaluable. He gives strategic advice to angel investing, capital accumulation, and international financing platforms. He is passionate about all aspects of business innovation, development, and growth in the changing global marketplace.

At present Glen Wakeman is the CEO and Founder of LaunchPad Holdings that includes a fully automated Software service that helps early stage entrepreneurs to plan their ideas into workable a gig; its client base is national wide in scope, and it is enjoying a high accelerating growth in a typical curve.


Aloha Construction And How To Protect Your Pets During House Renovations

It is no secret that construction industry is one of the drivers of the economy. It is the sector that has the largest number of employment opportunities. In July 2017, the industry added 6000 jobs to the 18000 new jobs that were created in 2016. One of the contributors to this growth is Aloha Construction Company, which is based in Lake Zurich, Illinois. The company specializes in siding, roofing, and gutter works. The specialization makes Aloha Construction stand out among other construction companies. Regarding roofing, Aloha Construction has contractors who specialize in all types of roofs including metal, steep, and asphalt. When it comes to siding, Aloha Company has experts in aluminum, Hardee board, wood, and vinyl siding. Its final product, which involves gutter works has been considered to be an essential feature of roofs because it protects the building from the wear and tear, especially during rainy seasons.

Apart from offering construction services, Aloha Construction also has ideas on how to keep your dog safe during renovations. The company prefers that during home renovations, it is imperative that you keep an eye on your pets. This is because equipment and items such as construction tools can cause injuries to your pets. Also, construction noises can cause anxiety to your dogs. They can also be irritated by the presence of new faces in the homestead. In that case, it is imperative that you put your pets away from the construction site. Dogs have the habit of following routines. They are not used to the noises that are produced during renovations. Therefore, if the renovations will interfere with their routine, it will be better to keep them away from a new routine. You should also understand that the health of your dog is very important. They should not come into contact with toxic fumes, wet paint, molds, and other hazardous factors that can affect their health.

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Citizens For Responsibility And Ethics Established By George Soros In Washington

An organization of public interest is the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics. It is based in Washington. This is an organization that is focused on litigating against the corrupt political leaders. It targets Republicans exclusively. This organization is funded by the Open Society Institute besides the Democracy Alliance.

This is a Group that was established in 2001 and brings ethics charges against the government officials that betray the public trust and focuses on their private interests only.

In this way, the Group uses the law to bring a constructive change socially. With the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, America is trying to get transformed into a nation which embraces the leftist values and policies too. It aims to discredit the conservatives along with the Republicans. In this way, their numbers will decrease in the political offices all across the nation. Thus this Group funded by George Soros is targeting the public officials who are Republicans.

Citizens for Responsibility Ethics in Washington have been founded by Norm Eisen along with Louis Mayberg. Both of them are Democrat activists. The financial backing comes from Arca Foundation besides David Geffen Foundation. There are many other institutes that fund it besides George Soros. These are the Democracy Alliance, the Mayberg Family Charitable Foundation and the Open Society Institute belonging to George Soros, along with the Sheller Family Foundation. Funding also comes from the Streisand Foundation, besides the Tides Foundation, along with the Wallace Global Fund, as well as the Woodbury Fund. All these institutions are known for the support being provided by them to various far-left causes.

Melanie Sloan is the Executive Director of the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. Melanie is a Democrat who was a Nominations Counsel earlier for the Senate Judiciary Committee that is headed by Joe Biden.

The officials of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington are known to have deep ties with political Left.

A number of scandals have been made public by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. A prominent one of these was about Mark Foley, the Florida House Republican, Mark Foley who was forced to resign in 2006 after the disclosure of sending sexual emails to a teenaged boy. These email correspondences were obtained by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. It also claimed that FBI was well-aware of all this correspondence of Rep. Foley, but still they did not take any action against him earlier. In this way, the FBI had let a sexual predator loose. For more info about us: click here.

It was in 2104 that David Brock joined Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington as he was elected as its chairman. In 2017, the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed a lawsuit against Trump’s decision of allowing foreign governments paying for his business operations.

Using The Internet and Mobile Networks Like Lori Senecal

One of the most convenient advantages that the internet brings is the ability to make money easily. The internet has brought forth plenty of cost effective methods for marketing. Before the internet, businesses had to pay for advertising spots and listings. This was pretty much the only viable way to make money. When the internet came, many new ways to reach out to potential customers have come too. This is especially the case with social media. Social media has brought forth something that is worthwhile for people who want to market their business. One of the best things about social media is that it is a way for people to gain an online presence.

According to Ad Week, among the people that put social media to good use for business is Lori Senecal. She is one of the people that have a lot of advice on how social media can be used in order to bring forth some great results for business owners. One of the best ways to bring customers to a business is by reaching out to them and interacting with them. This will build a following for business owners that they can use to their advantage when it comes to products.

Lori Senecal is also an advertiser. Therefore, she knows how to bring forth customers with the use of ads on social media. She also knows how to make it non-intrusive for the users. For one thing, she can use many different themes for her ad. One thing that she has suggested is to take either a comedic or emotional approach. When it comes to shopping, people are often led by their emotions. Therefore, an ad that captures the feelings of a customer is going to be one of the more successful ads when it comes to convincing someone to shop at a store.

George Soros Transforms the World Through His Philanthropic Works

When we acknowledge the imperfect understanding of the human condition, we shall not be faced with the shame of being incorrect but of failing to make right our wrongs. Those are the words of George Soros, a highly regarded billionaire whose past life was served in a dish of intolerance following the Nazi Regime. The main donor who worked tirelessly to unseat George Bush in 2004 scaled back his political donations for years. Resurfacing in 2016 to show massive support to Hillary Clinton, Soros was the main donor of the season. As a man who has political differences with Donald Trump, Soros pledged over $25 million towards Hillary’s campaign.


The donation that was channeled towards the entire democratic docket had positive indications from the federal reports indicating that Soros was motivated to part with more money. From the records and interviews by associates, Soros supported various fundraising operatives that worked together for Hillary’s win. The billionaire who garnered wealth through his businesses in currency trades was said to show more support towards the Election Day.


Although Soros planned to be part of Hillary’s presidential convention, he travelled on business. Being a great influence in economy, he had to oversee the then economic situation in European market. The Hungarian –American who has a 25 year friendship with Hillary called upon his wealthy friends to support her bid. According to his associates, Soros was more supportive of a great political cause in 2016. Compared to any other year that faced major election transitions, Soros was hopeful that Hillary would clinch the seat. His hope stemmed from Hillary’s manifesto to support policies that would grow the economy of the state. Michal Vachon, Soros political advisor stated that his boss was consistent to democratic causes.


The life of Soros depicts the struggles of a freedom fighter who strives to better human lives. Born in Hungary, Soros has been nothing but supportive of organizations as well as movements that promote peace, unity and social acceptance. With a strong funding initiative, he has donated more than $12 billion towards greater causes. His main objective has been funding organizations that fight for the freedom of expression and peaceful existence. Having experienced intolerance as a child, Soros has made a huge positive impact on people who are suffering.Through the Soros Foundation and Open Society Foundations, Soros has extensively transformed different sectors of the state. His support is highly regarded by multiple genders as well as organizations that work together to change people’s lives. Although he is a billionaire, Soros has dedicated his life to giving back to the less fortunate. He uses his foundations to fight for people’s rights. The alumnus of the London School of Economics draws inspiration from Karl Popper, an author and scholar.

Rocketship Education Has Learned A Lot In The Past Ten Years And Continues To Thrive And Grow

The first Rocketship Education School opened ten years ago in San Jose, California. In those years Rocketship has learned some important lessons. They learned the importance of personalized learning and that the needs of every student combined with home visits are critical to success. They have built strong relations with their students and their families. Rocketship Education focuses on educating the younger student and the kids move on in the fifth grade. This allows for the best parental participation and the highest quality of classrooms. The parents advocate for high quality education in middle and high schools so the children’s education is able to successfully continue.

All children are welcome at Rocketship Education regardless of their creed, class, race, or ethnicity and the best interests of each child is promoted. The teachers are as diverse as the children and this provides a smooth integration. The teacher’s children generally attend the school because their actions are heard louder than any words. Rocketship offers programs for disabled kids allowing for their achievements, education, and acceptance. The atmosphere is open, dynamic, goal oriented, and based on the flex model. The educators have the same mindset as the school and continue to help the children thrive and learn. Rocketship give the attention necessary to public agencies so their schools can succeed. To embrace public education Rocketship Education has even changed their name to Rocketship Public Schools.

Rocketship began when Father Mateo Sheedy began the Juan Diego Scholarship to meet the educational needs of the children. Although he passed away Preston Smith and John Danner continued his mission and the Rocketship Mateo Sheedy Elementary was born. Teachers and parents became engaged in the success of the students and the academic outcome was outstanding. The waiting list soon became full with families in San Jose wanting their children to attend and it became obvious more schools of high quality had become necessary in San Jose. Rocketship now has twelve schools established in California’s bay area, Milwaukee, Nashville, and Washington D.C. Underserved communities are beginning to eliminate the gap in achievement that has been a part of history for too long.


George Soros: Bringing On Change To Avoid What He Experienced

George Soros is a man who has taken his past experiences in his life and turned them into his motivation to do some good in the world. Soros was born in Hungary, to a Jewish family. At the time, they lived in a locality in Hungary that was still under the control of Nazi party. This made a living in the country incredibly hard for Soros and his entire family. Seeing the oppression happening around him, he knew that when he got older, he wanted to make a difference on such a large scale that no one would ever have to be subjected to what people in his country had to deal with. When he was a teenager, his family decided to flee to London to start their new life there. Soros knew that if he wanted to make a difference on the large scale that he had envisioned, he would have to earn a lot of money. He saw the field of finance as one of the most viable things for this, and so he decided to attend the prestigious London School of Economics to get a degree in finance.

Soon after completing his degree, George Soros left London and went to New York and started work on Wall Street. He began investing in hedge funds which turned out to be extremely profitable for him and what he wanted to do. Several investments later, George Soros appeared on numerous lists for being one of the richest people in the world.Having the money to create a difference on a large-scale, George Soros set out to help people. Through the course of his career, he has founded numerous organizations that are designed to help people in need. Most recently, he started up an organization which would go to the aid of refugee workers. The charity was founded so that George Soros could give these refugees the funds that they need to start their lives afresh in other countries in Europe.

This has given new hope to thousands of people who have been affected by the war in their countries.George Soros has always seen politics as one of the main factors that play into the happiness of people. A good political party can do wonders for the population, while a bad one can lead to disastrous consequences. He has gained the reputation of being one of the biggest political influencers in the entire world and is always known to try and encourage the masses to vote for the right people in power. He has been actively involved with the United States political scene, supporting the democratic party. He has always seen the democratic party as the right choice to lead the nation and has worked closely with them to ensure that they secure a win. The first time he began working with the Democratic Party was in 2004. He has donated millions of dollars to ensure that they rise to power to lead the people in a direction which will enable their growth and development.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero’s All-Important Role at Grupo Televisa

     Many media companies around the world are going digital. And over the last few years, Mexico has emerged as the most successful country in digital journalism in Latin America. Many of the old media houses are embracing the power of the internet and taking advantage of social media and other digital platforms to improve their readership and engagement levels. Grupo Televisa, S.A., was among the first media companies in Mexico to go digital. Under the leadership of Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero and other executives at the company, Grupo Televisa has managed to reach even more people in Mexico and other Latin America countries as well.

Other top players in the media industry in Mexico that have gone digital include Evoga Entertainment, MVS Communicaciones, Grupo CIE, and Grupo Reforma among others. The competition in the media industry is fierce and any company cannot keep up with the demands of the industry risks sinking into oblivion.This has greatly improved the quality of information and entertainment provided to the masses and helped the industry to grow.

About Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is the Chief Financial Officer of Grupo Televisa. He also serves on the board of directors of the company. Salvi Rafael has worked with Grupo Televisa for a while now and has held several other leadership positions at the company. His extensive experience in the media industry in Latin America makes him a great asset to Grupo Televisa.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero’s role as CFO of Grupo Televisa cannot be taken lightly. He is the man in charge of making all the important financial decisions that could either make or break company. He has also been very instrumental in the company’s move to digital journalism. In 2014, he was recognized as one of the 25 top CFOs in Mexico.


The advance of the internet age has brought about many changes to the media industry in Mexico. The people of Mexico and the whole of Latin America have benefited greatly from this. With people like Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero at the helm of the most influential media company in Latin America, this trend is expected to continue and even more developments are bound to be experienced in the industry.

Andrew Rolfe’s Organizational Skills Came to Play during the Ubuntu Fund’s Charity Gala in London

Andrew Rolfe, the chairman of Ubuntu Fund, recently hosted a successful charity gala. The event that was held in London surpassed the organizer target of 600000 pounds to collect 603000 pounds. Ubuntu Fund helps disadvantaged children in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It hosts an education center and a pediatric clinic. The raised funds were dedicated to these two projects.

Moving Stories

The 300 attendees, including celebrities and philanthropists, were treated to a good ambiance with Xhosa chorals. Beneficiaries of the fund gave their stories that left the audience amazed. Sinesipho Rabidyani narrated how her father’s drinking problem negatively affected her childhood and the lives of other members of her family. Getting into Ubuntu Fund gave her a new lease on life. She got the mentorship and the psychosocial support she badly needed. Her hard work in the studies earned her a place in law school. She also instilled courage in her mother to leave the toxic marriage. The deepness of the story moved the crowd at the same time igniting their generosity at the gala.

Other Proceedings

The auction at the gala, which was hosted by Charlie Ross fetched 33000 pounds. The items up for grabs included a Nelson Makamo’s portrait, Dom Pattinson paintings, and a holiday package to South Africa. The gala was closed with a speech from Jacob Lief of the Ubuntu Fund. He narrated how he had observed kids from poor backgrounds in South Africa for many years. He came to realize that they needed help as they lacked most things in life as compared to other kids. They include healthcare, food, and education. Ubuntu Fund filled the gap by providing these needs with the help of generous donors. To this far, 2000 kids from Port Elizabeth have benefited from this generosity. The kids are taken into the program from an early age. They are then nurtured and mentored till they start their careers.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe started his career 25 years ago at PepsiCo. He then worked for Pret A Manger and Gap Inc. He currently works for TowerBrook Capital Partners as the Managing Director.

Andrew Rolfe is an alumnus of the recognized Harvard Business School where he studied BA and economics. He had earlier attended the University of Oxford, attaining an undergraduate degree.


History behind the success of the JHSF

JHSF is among the leading real estates in Brazil. The company has network its operation in various areas to expand its potential in the market. The primary areas that HSF deals with are commercial acquisition and management of shops, property development, and residential market. The firm traces its history way back in 1972 where it was only concentrating on the business activities of the future businesses. The company then exploited its potential in areas of innovation and quality service delivery in the provision of the solution in the Brazilian market. This move placed the firm at a vantage position over its competitors and gave it a chance of priority by the clients as compared to other companies providing the same service.

JHSF has an excellent record of successful management of various projects in the Brazilian market. The consolidation of its activities in the major cities gives it a better way of handling the primary challenges that are associated with the operation. The company runs its operation in stages by using four main units of hotel and restaurant, incorporations airport projects and malls. This has channeled the top management of the JHSF to deal majorly on the income earning services that are consistent. This has also made the company employ different strategies in the market with the intention of winning the confidence of the clients. The major factor that is valued by JHSF is the quality that is believed to be attached to the competent staff. The fact of valuing quality in service delivery has significantly made the company generate a lot of revenues used in expanding the business.

Jose Neto has been running the company for the post of chief executive Officer from the year 2003. He is known be the one behind the introduction of the service department in the enterprise. Additionally, he created another parking lot management firm as one of his achievement in the year 1997. On his development of the shopping center department within the company, he was granted permission to develop Santa Cruz shopping mall. His pragmatic skills in leadership made him the potent person to lead the company.

JHSF as a company has achieved a lot in various sectors that are within the niche of its management.