Monitoring Inmate Activities with Securus Technologies

Working as a corrections officer in a packed jail is a challenge in every sense of the word. On any given day, the inmates are doing everything possible to try and game the system behind our backs. If we tell the inmates they can not have something, they will spend countless hours trying to make it happen. Listen to the inmates and they will tell you that they can access drugs and weapons more easily behind bars than they could if they were out on the streets.


To try and keep the inmates from getting out of line, we have to monitor the visitor center in full force. This usually is the biggest way the inmates get their hands on illegal contraband. Even with a huge police presence at the gates, they will pressure their visitors to come through those gates with something they need even if they are putting this person at risk of getting arrested. Our team does surprise cell inspections and even opens the mail to try and find anything the inmates should not have in their possession.


When Securus Technologies installed the inmate call system, we had no idea how instrumental this device would be at helping control the flow of contraband in the jail. I was brought up to speed on the LBS software and it was incredible how quickly we discovered things that were going on in the jail right under our noses. Now we were getting information right from the inmates without them knowing they were feeding us the information.


The inmates think they can talk in code to avoid us picking up key details, but thanks to Securus Technologies, we have been able to put a stop to a huge problem we have had for years. We put a dent in the flow of drugs and weapons, making the jail safer for visitors, inmates, and officers alike.


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