Michael Hagele’s Successful Business Exploits

Michael Hagele works as an external general counsel for a group of technological companies involved in the biotechnology industries, defense, internet, and aerospace. Michael is similarly engage in early start-up technology companies. He is also the investor and founder of numerous companies within the hospitality and restaurant businesses.

Michael has a wide knowledge and familiarity in developing agreements, licensing distribution, drafting and closing technology as well as negotiating. He implements the said skills in hardware fields, software, telecommunications and internet arenas. Michaels know-ho in commercial agreements is quite expansive especially if they are related to the marketing and promotional arrangements of companies involved in the technology industry. He is also well-versed in the analysis, sales, and purchases of a range of intellectual property rights relevant to M&A transactions and corporate financing. Learn more about Michael at Crunchbase.

Before his current occupation, Michael was a general advisor of various capital-backed internet company ventures where he is responsible for the overall legal affairs as well as in the administration of merger and acquisition deals, stock option plan management, employment disputes, corporate governance, and intellectual property strategy.

And before all of the above, Michael Hagele was with the Fenwick and West LLP Silicon Valley Offices’ Licensing and Online Commerce Group. He has a Jurisprudence Degree from the California University located at Berkeley, and he completed his Bachelor of Arts at the Iowa University.

Michael revealed that the specific trend that really excites him is Artificial Intelligence and its numerous applications that includes programming in genetics. He explains that he is an advisor and investor in a company that has started an app being utilized by non-profit entities to categorize the best productive means of funding. He states that he and the companies he is affiliated with are using learning algorithm machines to seek out obscured and patterned relationships in data bare facts and awareness on overlooked, unknown and unclear facets on the effects of a certain program.

According to Michael Hagele the worst job he ever had was when he was employed with during winter at a Chicago car wash where he can still feel the numbness and pain in his hands. The incident taught him to value his education to be able to find something more significant to work on. Visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-hagele-783295/

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