Matthew Fleeger and the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas General Partnerships, also called Joint Ventures, develops and obtains oil and gas. They are managed by Gulf Coast Western, LLC. The area in which they focus is the gulf region. Joint Ventures’ aim is to find and process wells that give high returns to investors while also managing the risk of such projects. The president and CEO of Gulf Coast Western is Matthew Fleeger, and he has built his company through an ethic of honesty and trust with his partners. Fleeger knows that the transparent process his company operates is one of the reasons it has the mutual respect of its partners. It has also resulted in the company obtaining an A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

Gulf Coast Western, LLC was originally a family operated venture based out of Dallas, Texas. Since its inception in 1970, they have locations across America including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Colorado. Through a series of partnerships, they now have 140 drilling locations and almost 30 million barrels of reserve potential. The deal will also grant Gulf Coast Western, LLC access to valuable seismic data that will provide opportunities for existing and new wells. This adds to the many partnerships Gulf Coast Western, LLC has had. They include Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration, Warhorse Oil and Gas and Dallas-based Northcote Energy Ltd.

Gulf Coast Western, LLC is looking to expand into new areas of the United States. Matthew Fleeger will lead this effort after years as a successful and respected figure in the world of oil and gas and waste management. He had previously founded MedSolutions, Inc. Some of his skills include negotiation, team building and strategic planning. He has also created a successful tanning company that started as a small 6 location operation and eventually turned into one of the largest franchises in the world.

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