Malcolm CasSelle Sees The Gaming World Bolstering Cryptocurrencies

The world of cryptocurrencies has not exactly been a place that needs a huge amount of bolstering, it has been doing pretty well by itself. However, Malcolm CasSelle thinks that the gaming world could in fact bring about an even greater amount of acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

OPSkins is the company that Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of. It is also a worldwide leader in the sale of virtual assets within games. In other words, when you purchase items within a game you are probably dealing with OPSkins on some level. They have made their platform some of a currency exchange between players as those players often use the different cryptocurrencies to purchase virtual products. Those products may then be sold again for cryptocurrency and those currencies themselves may be exchanged time and time again. It is this sort of thing that helps make cryptocurrencies more popular and more broadly used by a wider swatch of people throughout the country.

You have to remember that cryptocurrencies are still a new concept to a lot of people, but they are quickly gaining traction among many. Malcolm CasSelle is one person that you want at the helm of this revolution to help guide it and steer it. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from MIT as well as a Masters from Stanford in Computer Science. He has served in top positions in a number of companies that are working to revolutionize the world. Also, he is fluent in Japanese and Mandarin (important in the gaming world). He has made a name for himself by working for these companies and coming up with great ways for them to expand their reach out to customers who are eager to use cryptocurrencies in the games that they like to play.

When you see the work of the companies he is employed by doing what they do, it starts to make more sense. They are definitely changing the way that many of us think about money and virtual goods as well. He has helped to bring along that change in thinking, and we have to thank him for doing that.


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