Madison Street Capital and MonDak Portables LLC

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that makes sure they establish leadership, integrity, and great service for their customers. They want to make sure that their customers succeed in anything they do and want to do. When they start something with their customers they make sure that their customers goals become their own goals. The firm has gained the trust of clients from all around the world through their dedication to their customers.


MonDak Portables LLC is a company that makes, delivers, and services portable toilets.

They rent and sell their products and services. They offer a wide range of toilets from handicap toilets to handwashing stations. Some of their toilets are even heated or have air conditioning. They rent out toilets to parties, sporting events, concerts, and many other types of events. This kind of business is huge because people have events all the time and portable toilets are a good idea for all events.


Madison Street Capital worked with MonDak Portables LLC to strike up a debt facility for MonDak Portables LLC. This debt facility was $3.2MM. Both Madison Street Capital and MonDak Portables LLC said that they were excited about the deal and they knew nothing but good could come from this. They knew that MonDak Portables LLC was a hardworking company, and that Madison Street Capital is one of the best teams out there. They knew that working together they would see nothing but success.


Madison Street Capital and MonDak Portables LLC are both very successful businesses. The Madison Street Capital reputation is great. Having a good reputation as a business is huge. Both Madison Street Capital and MonDak Portables LLC have great reputations with their clients, and this helps them to grow their businesses. These companies have seen great successes already, and for years to come they will continue to see nothing but ongoing success.


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