Insight into Kerrisdale’sSahmAdrangi

Credible information has it that Kerrisdale Capital Management, a company where SahmAdrangi works, received from its investors a sum of about $100 million with the intention of betting against a single stock. However, Sahm has not disclosed information about the stock. The co-investment fund is one of its kind in the Kerrisdale Capital. Sometimes the managers raise some monies when focusing on a particular investment thesis. SahmAdrangi says that they got a considerable amount of money in a short period because they have strong relationships with the community.

Adrangi and one of his counterparts are working on an upcoming campaign, but are also preparing a report, website, and video to assist them in convincing other investors regarding their investment thesis. Adrangi reveals of unveiling the new company in mid-May. Therefore, the fund is already buying stocks at the company. Kerrisdale Capital Management manages an estimated value of $500 million, inclusive of the $100 million raised.

A former hedge fund credit analyst reached out to discuss GNC, Inc. The trader was on Wall Street and spent another 12 years at three hedge funds. He graduated from Penn State and then worked as an intern at Merrill Lynch in New York. Through hard work, he was able to cling longer at Merril. He joined the Longace hedge fund where he worked alongside Sahm. Sahm is the founder of the hedge fund at Kerrisdale. Adrangi published a brief piece that moved the market on 14th February. The article helped them buy back their position at NAK.

Kerrisdale’s founder and Chief Investment Officer is Mr. Adrangi. He engaged in all facets of the company’s development since 2009 when it began its operations. Sahm started the business with less than $1 million, but the company currently deals with more than $150 million. Sahm is famous for publishing research and short selling. He shares his company’s stock views such as overhyped shorts and under-followed longs. Kerrisdale openly displays its investigation online in a bid to correct misconceptions about other organizations’ prospects in business. Sahm exposed Chinese companies that were dealing in fraud. Currently, he is focusing Kerrisdale on other sectors such as biotechnology, mining, and telecommunication sectors. Adrangi speaks at various conferences and appears in televised interviews and features in publications such as Wall Street and NY Times.

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