How Michael Hagele Expanded His Horizons to Reach the Silicon Valley

Michael Hagele saw the need to expand his horizons while, as a young man, he found himself working at a car wash in Chicago during the coldest time of the year. He has since reached well over the horizon, today providing legal services to a number of high-tech companies.

A graduate of the University of Iowa, Michael Hagele subsequently received his law degree from the University of California, Berkley. Early in his legal career, he was employed in the licensing and online commerce division of the Fenwick & West law firm, which has its headquarters in California. He later worked as an in-house attorney, providing legal services to numerous internet firms. In his role as general counsel to these companies, he extended his expertise to such areas as corporate governance, employment issues, intellectual property rights and merger activity. Visit to learn more.

Understanding the principle that smaller companies can more efficiently serve their clients, Michael Hagele decided to open his own legal practice. He currently serves in the role of outside counsel for various technology firms, including those associated with the fields of aerospace, biotechnology and national defense. In this role, he directs his attention to developing, distributing, drafting, licensing and negotiating articles relative to the internet, hardware, software and telecommunications in general. His experience also extends to commercial agreements within the technology field. His background enables him to conduct promotional and marketing services, to handle the purchase and sale of intellectual property and to analyze portfolios as they relate to financing and transactions.

Outside of his legal work, Michael Hagele is known for the founding and funding of businesses in the restaurant and hospitality industries. In his current status as a legal adviser, he is particularly excited about the rising trend in artificial intelligence, which he sees as having many applications. He attributes his success to simple tenacity and to his adherence to the philosophy that the customer always comes first. Having established his base of operations in the Silicon Valley along San Francisco Bay, his high-tech customers are never very far away. Learn more:


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