How Can You Invest In Other Countries Like Brazil? Ask Igor Cornelsen

There’s a lot of different ways you can have success investing, and sometimes you just need a fresh perspective on how to do it. But the best way to get to your financial goals through investing is to go at for the long-term as opposed to trying to just land one or two big trades in order to get rich. Helping people understand this aspect of investing is what former bank manager Igor Cornelsen does. Cornelsen has years of experience in both stock trading and investing as well as alternative funds and foreign exchange trading. He sometimes gives tips to news networks on what investors should rely on to be successful. Some of them include looking for new stocks or finding damaged stocks from reputable companies. Read more at to know more about Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is from Brazil and formerly worked for several big banks down there and maximized returns on many client portfolios. He also served as special counsel for the Brazilian government and helped former presidential administrations manage fiscal policy. He’s now retired and most of the time he’s enjoying personal activities. But he does sometimes do consulting as a hobby for American companies. But he also is happy to fill investors in on how they can invest in foreign countries including Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen says since the departure of former President Dilma Rousef and the policies of Finance Minister Joaqim Levy have taken hold, the opportunity is looking better for people to invest in Brazilian securities. But there will be government regulations they have to look out for that could affect investments. Cornelsen says investors need to familiarize themselves with Brazil’s banks and their policies to get an idea of what investing will look like.

Some other tips Igor Cornelsen offers include making new friends with Brazilian locals who can tell you things about investing down there. He also says look out for the value of the real which has been overvalued recently and is slowly stabilizing. And then investors should look at Brazil’s trade partners and competitors because their activities can also affect your investments.

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