Doe Deere’s Tips For Looking Good

There is nothing that Doe Deere preaches that she doesn’t practice herself when it comes to makeup and dress-style. Day to day, she has made a number of decisions, changes and improvements for makeup while offering incredible tips and advice to her customers and fans. And some of the tips include rules that she says are better when they are broken. Some of these rules are described below.

1. Wearing Bold Eye With Bold Lip

Doe Deere knows the pitfalls of wearing dull eye makeup and shadow. Coupled with light colored lips she says will make anyone look uninteresting for any event or occasion. What she suggests is to make a bold move by choosing bold colors for eyes and lips. This way, people with penchant to styling can stand out in the crowd. It isn’t easy to choose the color but with a little attention to detail, one can match the right color with the right combination of outfit and accessories. Doe Deere’s videos are in the top quartile in the makeup industry because of her unconventional tips like these when it comes to eye makeup. Most of her videos have achieved great ratings in the past two years also because her tips are unique.

2. Using Too Many Colors

One of the biggest notion in the makeup industry is to use the same color for everything from head to toe. According to Doe Deere, this move is as boring as it can get. The excuse people give for using the same color is to look simple. But Doe Deere has different ideas. She suggests her customers to use various color for makeup and dresses as long as they compliment one another. This also means using different shade combination and there is no color combination that is too unpleasant.

3. Using Too Many Patterns

People should be using variety of patterns while styling, says Doe Deere. There is always some way to make things better and this tip is one of them. It is that extra little thing that makes the difference between a makeup experts and novice user. Not using different patterns isn’t that interesting but make sure to commit to what you are doing with the various patterns. Decide what accessory goes well with a particular outfit and shoes. Focus on it after imagining what it will be in the end. Force that look into reality and learn to add more patterns the next time.

When it comes to makeup and style, you must do what others won’t, so you can be the next fashion icon and others will follow. Doing everything that Doe Deere offers as advice will take care of the grooming part. Work smarter, think faster than others by a significant factor. Listen to ideas and guidelines to wearing makeup from an expert like Doe Deere.

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  • Kenneth Damil
    December 22, 2016 - 12:14 pm | Permalink

    Then and only then when others are in confusion grumbling about what to wear, can you have control of your looks. Looking good is an art and how good you want to look is up to you. It is becoming one of the stale things that has been doing up this time and it’s paying off very well.

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