Doe Deere: How “The Queen of the Unicorns” Built An Empire

Doe Deere is not your average business woman. She doesn’t put on a suit and head to work with her hair coiffed and the latest in couture fashion. She’s exactly the opposite of anything the business world might classify as normal. However, her unique way makes her an individual who expresses herself with her own style. It doesn’t bother her that she isn’t a “cookie-cutter” business woman. She wants to empower others to be who and what they are without fear.

Who is Deere? Well, she is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She believes that makeup should never be boring, and the bolder the color, the better they look. Yes, she is a bit zany, but that’s what makes her so attractive. One day her hair might be pink like cotton candy, and then next day it may be as blue as a blueberry. She loves being able to be different and to use her colorful kingdom to inspire others. See, Deere’s life wasn’t always so glamorous.

Deere was born in Russia. Her parents moved to New York City when she was young. She would stare out at the crowds and see how expressive people in this city were. Coming from Russia that was under communist rule to NYC was a big culture shock. However, she embraced the fact that people were allowed to be what they wanted to be. They could dress how they wanted, and they did their hair the way they wanted. She loved it and wanted to dive headfirst into this world. She didn’t discover makeup until she was at a slumber party at a friend’s house. However, it was then that her love of shimmering colors and glitter came to life. She stated in a recent interview that she looked like a total fool to others, but that night she discovered who she was.

Today, Deere runs Lime Crime with her husband by her side. Business meetings may have a bit of a bizarre feel to zoom. Guests are greeted with a 6-foot tall lipstick and her ceilings have puffy white clouds amongst a vivid blue sky. Okay, so it’s not the average boardroom, but what else would anyone expect from “The Queen of the Unicorns?” Deere is sweet, caring, and hard working. Don’t mistake her cotton candy hair for someone who is childlike. Though she is expressive, she is a shrewd business woman. How else could she build such an empire in such a short amount of time?

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