David McDonald has Positively Impacted the Success of OSI Group for Many Years

David McDonald has been a large part of OSI Group’s success for many years. He has been with the company for more than three decades and knew this was the company he wanted to work for right after graduating from college. Today, he serves as OSI’s president and chief operating officer and focuses on the company’s growth, sustainability, environmental impact, health and safety, and much more. McDonald grew up on a farm in Iowa and received his bachelor’s degree in animal science while studying at Iowa State University. He picked up the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award while there and moved on quickly to begin his work with OSI.

David McDonald continues to support Iowa State University through its Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. He also supports the Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship fund by way of financial contributions and was awarded the ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award for his involvement in the alumni association. He also picked up the Iowa State University Foundation’s Emerging Philanthropist Award in 2014. Today, his two oldest kids are being educated at ISU, and he is happy about that. To know more about him click here.

David McDonald was a key figure in the acquisition of Baho Food by OSI Group. The company will assist OSI with its expansion in Europe and offers customers there a spread of deli meats, snacks, and sauces. He is proud to work with a company that relies on its management teams who watch over its operations in different areas of the world. He believes that the best decisions can be made by those management teams who are closest to the regions that his company serves. He has commented that when he joined the company over three decades ago that it was focused on rapid expansion. He is glad that OSI Group continues to focus on this today, because it has become a part of the company’s inherent culture.

David McDonald feels honored that he has been able to grow with the company all of these years. He gives a lot of credit to the teams he works with as well as the company’s employees. In turn, the company gives David McDonald just as much credit and wouldn’t be where it is today without his excellent leadership skills.

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