David Bethelmy-Rada and R.A.W. Team Create Sustainably Sourced Beauty Products

The Monthly Digest recently published an article titled “R.A.W.: A New Range with Outstanding Environmental Credentials.” The Global President for Matrix and Biolage, Daniel Bethelmy-Rada, has been spending the last two years creating a professional hair care brand that uses natural ingredients.

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada spoke to the desires of the consumers and how people want products that are 100% sustainably sourced and created. People want to ensure the products they use have little to no impact on the environment. This is why the company, backed by L’Oreal’s Sharing Beauty with All program, was dedicated to creating R.A.W. They wanted to create a number of different products that use natural and biodegradable ingredients. This means the entire line contains no parabens, silicone, or sulfates. The products also use sustainable ingredients that are sourced fairly and are able to be traced back to the original source. They use a variety of plant ingredients and minerals, but they also use honey and fungi to create the best products possible.

The packaging was also designed to have little impact on the environment. The packaging is made of entirely recycled plastic and the ingredients themselves are 98% biodegradable. One of the top priorities of the brand, as revealed by Daniel Bethelmy-Rada is that there is never a compromise on the products’ naturalness. The team at R.A.W. had to overcome several challenges that allowed them to meet that priority. The ambitious goals allowed them to create higher standards which affect the final price of the products. They struggled with sourcing often. For example, they struggled to find a clay that did not get contaminated while it was being transported. Instead of compromising on the naturalness of the product they decided to push back the launch of the clay until they could get the formula right.

The product has had 90% positive reviews by consumers. The enthusiastic response has allowed the team at R.A.W. to see that the struggles they have been through to create the products were well worth their time and money. Many people revealed how their hair felt completely different after using it. Next, the team will focus on launching the products globally.

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