Creating Community With ClassDojo

As technology advances, it has become more common to see advancements in technology used in education, however, products released without teacher backing and approval, are more likely to fail. ClassDojo, a prime example of how technology can benefit teachers and parents, has been successful in seeking educator input at every stage of development, ultimately creating a product that is easy to use and beneficial for teachers and parents.

What Your Edtech Product Needs to Get a Gold Star From Educators,” reviews successful traits for these products. Items that solve problems, such as ClassDojo allowing teachers and parents to communicate regularly regarding grades and behavior, have been tested and have shown to be helpful, and those with effective implementation and adoption plans tend to be the most successful.

ClassDojo is a communication platform that serves to connect teachers, parents and students in a consistent manner. According to its website, ClassDojo is currently used in 2 out of 3 schools in the United States and is used in schools across the globe. A positive culture is created when teachers can share videos, written messages, and pictures to parents, allowing for a better school-parent connection. Students are empowered because they have the opportunity to include their own pictures or work to share with parents, allowing for parents to continue the education at home after the school day ends and creating a community. According to co-founder Sam Chaudhary, the mission of ClassDojo is to change education from the ground up, as parents, teachers and even students have more buy-in to education. The company continues to seek input from teachers to ensure this product stays up-to-date.

ClassDojo is free for teachers and is touted for being easy to use. Teachers create a classroom and invite parents to join the community, creating a school-home collaboration that can transform education for our youth.

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