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Newswatch TV Reviews Self Destructing Emails

Newswatch TV is a television program that reviews technology. The thirty minute program looks at the latest developments in everything from cars to apps with a focus on helping customers find the best products. The program was recently honored at the Marcom Awards with them winning Platinum and Gold. In addition, the program won an award for excellence for their videography.

Newswatch TV recently reviewed the new self destructing email offered by Gmail. This update allows users to select how long an email will be available in the senders inbox. In addition, this update allows the sender to see when the email is viewed, if it is copied or screenshoted, and if someone attempted to forward the email. In addition, the update allows users to prevent people from copying or downloading an email and will notify the sender if it screenshoted. Finally, the update allows the sender to set a timer on the email that will cause it to be deleted after a certain amount of time. These updates allow the user to have greater control over sensitive information and can help to prevent the spread of sensitive information. In addition, it allows a sender to let the receiver know that they do not want the email copied. The ability to send a self destructing email means that one can rescind an offer or delete information that may not be relevant. Newswatch TV points out that these new security features are not perfect and it is still easier for one to make copies of self destructing emails.