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Eli Gershkovitch Combines Legal Knowledge and Craft Brewing for Unique Success

Many people seek to find passion in their life, something they feel gives them to drive or purpose. Many only find one, if any at all. Eli Gershkovitch, however, has found three, all while making a booming business in the process. Eli Gershkovitch’s interests run the gamut from brewing to aviation to Law and all seem to inextricably intertwine themselves. His interest in craft brewing tied itself greatly to his legal knowledge, experience, and landmarks in life. Following his graduation from the University of Toronto’s law school in 1987, Eli Gershkovitch began a European tour kicked off a series of events that would bud into a brewing empire.


From the first sip of his first Belgian beer, Gershkovitch became enamored with the idea of “tank to tap” brew and truly make something fantastic in the process. He immediately applied his legal knowledge, using both his researching skills that had become indispensable in his studies and his experience with liquor licenses for clients to kick off his work. Fighting a moratorium on liquor licenses in Gastown, Vancouver, the eventual success as a result of community dedication and legal know-how established Steamworks Brew Pub in 1995.


The chosen location demonstrated Eli Gershkovitch’s genius in its selection- a hundred-year-old building in that served not as a landmark in its place in history, but it’s a unique steam heating system that would ultimately aid him in his on-site brewing. Business boomed. The occupancy increased four-fold from 184 seats to 754. He expanded into the properties adjacent to form the Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar ( And as of 2013, a full-scale Steamworks Brewery sells ales, lagers, and beers to clients in Hong Kong, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the US.


For Gershkovitch, Steamworks represents freedom in his passion and his creativity ( Steamworks is, for one man, a dream realized and represents the opportunity for him to shape his passion in a way not slaved to or compromised by the notion of pure profits. Gershkovitch says it enables him to be “the machine instead of the grease”.