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Donating to Education

Many schools in the United States do not have adequate funding to serve students. Students who attend these schools often have a hard time succeeding in life. There is a clear correlation between education and success. Keith Mann is dedicated to helping school systems all over the country. In the past few years, he increased the amount of money he donated to education in New York. Although he is successful in business, he is now passionate about helping other people succeed in life. New York public education is a lot better because of his hard work.

Making an Impact

Education is one of the most important elements of a society. Without proper funding, schools cannot reach children effectively. A lot of schools are in poor areas with little tax revenue. The children who grow up in these areas are at a huge disadvantage later in life. Children who attend the lowest schools are much less likely to go to college. This is an education cycle that continues to perpetuate itself as time goes on.

Keith Mann

As a successful business owner, Keith Mann has a lot of financial backing. He wants to change the way that New York education works. Over time, he has made a huge impact in the school system. Keith knows how to get things done quickly. The New York school system is in a much better place today because of his work. He wants to continue to make progress in the school system over the next few years.

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