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Movies for ‘Shrooming


Sure, taking a dose of mushrooms and watching a movie isn’t everyone’s cup of (mushroom) tea, but for those who enjoy it, picking the right movie is an important part of a fun experience. Here are some of the best movies to watch on acid.



Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”

There’s no better kind of movie to watch while on drugs than a movie that’s about drugs. This film is a terrific, but sometimes harrowing, trip with a fictional rock star character named Pink. Loosely based on Pink Floyd’s original front man, Sid Barrett, this film explores Pink’s journey into his own mind dealing with cultural and familial issues. Watch out, it includes some pretty trippy animated sequences.  Definitely also one of my favorite stoner movies on Netflix.




This movie is crass, stupid, and ridiculous. You’ll be quoting it for years. If the opening scene featuring a college student who downs a whole bag of weed and proceeds to lick the interior of a State Trooper’s vehicle doesn’t have you rolling on the floor in laughter, then you should visit the doctor. Not because you’re on drugs, but because your funny bone is definitely broken.



“Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”

Johnny Depp’s spot-on impression of the titular Hunter S. Thompson and Benicio Del Toro’s Dr. Gonzo are the perfect companions on a trip to take from your living room. At turns menacing and ludicrous, you’ll feel like an absolute angel for only indulging in a few mushrooms instead of Hunter’s infamous suitcase. Watch for completely insane cameos by Cameron Diaz, Gary Busey, and Christina Ricci.