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Brian Torchin: An Asset to Healthcare

In order to be an asset to the healthcare industry, you have to be driven, determined, and extremely knowledgeable. Brian Torchin realizes that he is in a rather unique position, because he is not fully enmeshed in the medical field but he plays an important nonetheless. As a healthcare recruiter, here are some ways Brian Torchin can help you:

  1. He can be an asset for rural areas.

Torchin understands the sheer difficulty that rural parts of the country can have when it comes to filling healthcare jobs. These small communities often have a severe challenge when it comes to attaining and keeping medical talent. Mr. Torchin is a healthcare recruitment specialist, and he loves a good challenge! So the next time your rural area is looking for a medical practitioner, perhaps you should give him a call.

  1. He knows how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

An article from The Valanx said that Because Brian Torchin is the President of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors, he has an immense amount of experience at finding talent. He also knows that not all people will work in all positions, so he has become skills at placing the right professionals in the right jobs. It is his job to find driven, determined professionals in many medical disciplines, and he does it very well.

  1. He truly has an interest for what he is doing.

Mr. Torchin started out at the University of Delaware, and he got his degree in the field of chiropractics. He spent a number of productive years in the field, and was instrumental in helping those dealing with ailments such as severe back pain.

Although hew could have stayed in the field and grown very wealthy, he quickly grew frustrated at the fact that finding medical professionals was a difficult proposition. That is why he took his skills and experience and decided to start his own recruitment firm. You will be hard-pressed to find a man who is more dedicated to finding the right medical professional for your organization.

In conclusion, it really doesn’t matter whether you have a multi-million dollar campus or just a small clinic, Brian Torchin can help place the right professionals in your organization in order to help you continue to flourish.