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Rick Smith is a Brilliant Man

There’s a lot about the tech industry that confuses people. People are only interested in finding out what’s the latest gadget they’ll be able to buy. Something few people ever think about is the technology that goes into offering prison systems the essentials for inside-outside communication.

One of the fastest growing companies supplying prison systems is Securus Technologies. Recently, Securus acquired JPay Inc. JPay is one of the largest providers of electronic payments, email, and entertainment and educational apps for correction facilities. They have deals with over 30 states to supply their prison systems with tech-communication.

Now that Securus owns JPay, it’s in the spotlight, and everyone’s expecting it to maintain the high standards set by JPay. CEO Rick Smith Securus is excited to take on this grand challenge. He understands what a great opportunity his company’s been afforded. He hopes to move forward as soon as possible and begin supplying correction agencies with whatever they need, in the way of technology. Read more on

He also talked about why his company acquired JPay. Both companies were performing fine separately, but Smith felt it was time to combine teams. By combining expertise, they can now offer the best products at the best prices.

According to Ryan Shapiro, CEO of JPay, his team’s excited about the acquisition as well. Not many of these corporate acquisitions go over so peacefully. Both companies seem to be solely focused on providing better products and moving forward as a joint venture. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Even though Securus just acquired JPay, JPay will operate as a subsidiary of Securus Technologies. This allows the company to continue operations as normal while offering them the expansive resources of a large corporation like Securus. That kind of trust-based partnership is what makes this acquisition the best choice for both companies.

Richard A. Smith is the exact kind of businessman that seems. He’s a strong-willed, brilliant man who’s always looking to better his company’s position. He’s proud of everything his company’s accomplished over the years and is always looking forward to what it’ll accomplish in the future. He’s most proud of his company’s deep connection with law enforcement.

Since Securus became one of the largest providers of technology services to correction facilities, they’ve gotten thousands of letters from all types of people thanking them for their service. Securus Technologies is about safety.


Of Arizona’s Jason Hope And The Growth Of Technology

Technology is a backbone to many things in the modern world and has remained a key to getting many problems solved. Those who have invested in acquiring better technology have been able to enjoy the many benefits that come with new and modern systems of dealing with problems. Every specialty and business that uses technology is able to get better and achieve its goals more easily that those that have been relying on traditional methods of dealing with problems. Jason Hope is among entrepreneurs who have helped to build new technologies and methods of dealing with problems.

When he founded his company more than 10 years ago, Jason Hope was of the idea that getting the world to live free of problems could only be possible through technology that is considerate of tomorrow and developed to offer solutions for the present and the future times. He has been offering the development of internet of things, and his ideas have supported the development of many businesses from across the world. Jason Hope is a technologist whose ideas have allowed the growth of new applications and the development of better ways of dealing with challenges.

As a measure to help make the world better, Hope has been investing in philanthropic institutions and offering support that has allowed many to benefit from projects that are designed to offer them better lives and opportunities for growth. He takes part in many campaigns that are developed to rally for support that will help to alleviate many problems like diseases and poverty among communities based in various parts of the world. Jason Hope has also been working with professionals from different companies, who have been a key pillar to getting new structures developed to help more people access basic amenities.

Take on upcoming entrepreneurs
Being a successful entrepreneur, Jason Hope has also been working on developing the careers of other entrepreneurs from across the world. He has been offering support to these entrepreneurs by allowing them to enjoy the support of successful investors, who offer financial and ideal support to allow the businesses to flourish.

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