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GreenSky LLC Transforming Consumer and Small Business Credit

GreenSky LLC is a leading firm in the customer finance market dealing with Patient credit, Unsecured Loan options, Retail, and Home Improvement. The company has built strong relationships with retailers, providers, and dealers in different states. It normally services its portfolios through an outstanding loan servicing firm which complies with SSAE 16 Type II. Its headquarters are located in Atlanta Georgia, and the operational facility is found in Covington, Kentucky.

Since its establishment in 2006, the company has played a vital role in transforming consumer and small business credit, which enables more pervasive and affordable access to financing. The company serves its customers who range from the most demanding and world’s largest businesses to medium and small businesses and clients throughout the country. Its scalable technology solutions, people and processes significantly improve the lives of customers, and the firm is widely recognized due to its ability to offer tailor-made credit solutions that improve sales and drive accelerated cash flow.

Recently, the company scored a massive win with its plan to team up with American Express, a deal that gives the fast-growing FinTech firm access to the American Express’ strong mercantile base. While the merchants’ number on the GreenSky’s platform will get a boost throughout the coming months due to the deal, this partnership also harmonizes the refurbished growth strategy of American Express which centers on attracting more traders. Remarkably, as American Express markets the offerings of GreenSky directly to either potential or existing customers, the collaboration is supposed to allow GreenSky to develop its returns with a minor effect on operating costs.

The role of GreenSky as the intermediary between potential borrowers and lenders with sound credit histories means that the firm does not come with much credit risk. According to the company’s boss, the relationships built with healthcare providers, banks, and home improvement companies will remain paramount to its growth in the future as illustrated by the strong Q2 results of the company. On the other hand, the partnership with Amex adds another great dimension of growth, with a significant growth potential of this partnership being realized in 2019.

Bob Reina: It Takes Teamwork

Bob Reina has been around long enough and is smart enough to know it takes teamwork in order for any company to get off the ground. That is how Talk Fusion, the video applications company, has had the kind of success it has had since Bob Reina started it up in 2007. He has remained grounded and he has always been in tune with his team, what they are good at, and what they might need a little help with as well. Everyone works as one over at Talk Fusion, and it is why it feels like one big happy family.

Bob Reina knows that family mentality is going to carry the company for many, many years into the future as well. Now that Talk Fusion is really hitting their stride, he knows they can do more for people, and he wants the company to do more for people. He is a very self-motivated and self-made man, which is something that people really admire about him and they look up at him and they say, “Wow. This guy has it all, and he’s still striving for greatness.” He has never become lazy, complacent, or phoned it in at Talk Fusion. When it comes to a company like this, he knows there are tons of people counting on him, and he is not about to let him down.

As a matter of fact, that is one of the many driving factors for Bob Reina. He knows the people are looking to him, and he wants to be someone that can inspire them, push them in the right way, and help them figure out what they want to do with their lives. They should never settle for anything less than that. When it’s all said and done, they want to look back on their life with pride and dignity.  Learn more:

They don’t want to just be another person out there doing a regular job or going through the motions. They want to know they were part of a company that truly inspired many people out there and left a lasting impression on the world.