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Getting to Know Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is the chairperson and CEO of Zinio LCC. For some time, he has been a private investor in real estate and technology. Becker has been able to find valuable investment opportunities. His involvement in the real estate industry has earned him the title of one of the best investors in New York.

At the Sullivan Street, Arthur Becker has recently fastened a worthwhile investment. He now prides himself on being the owner of three great and strategically positioned townhouses in Soho on Sullivan Street. The houses are adjacent to each other. He initially took the ownership of these townhouses while they were incomplete. Arthur Becker said that after the completion of the townhouses, he would take up one of himself. The other two houses, Becker will choose to either sell them or lease them.

The townhouses are some of the four homes developed by Madison Equities and the Property Markets Group. Seemingly, Arthur Becker by agreeing to take the possession of the townhouses in trade for his stake in the recent development that the condominium is involved in got the better part of the deal. Since these houses are strategically placed, it is thus said that once they are complete, they will increase in value. The condominium is a boat-shaped building and is about 16-story, situated in a neighboring region of the townhouses.

The houses are 6500 square foot and have a cost of about $29.4 million. The two homes that Becker will either sell or lease are likely to have a higher value because they have a yard that is both spacious and large. Becker is said to have invested about $15 million in equity and another $5 million mortgage for the continuation of the project.

Arthur Becker’s career has for a long time been identified with the technology industry and has been his primary source of income. He has however also invested around $500 million to the New York Real Estate. He has made an investment with Property Market Group and AmBase Corp not forgetting to mention JDS Development Group. He is currently the manager of Atlantic Investment Company, the company that boasted his real estate investment.

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