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Achievements of Glen Wakeman in his Career Life

Glen Wakeman is best known for his proven 5 stage performance method of focusing on human capital, risk management, execution, and leadership power in business. Wakeman has become in the mind of people for his mentoring, entrepreneurial soul, and as the one who has led to business revolution. His work includes the founding of M&A which is leading for most startup companies and creating new methodologies in performance. Also, he is known due to Launchpad Holdings LLC which is a SAAS corporation founded in 2015 (Slideshare). Being a leading investor and blogger enabled Wakeman to inspire others on everything from financial matters to leadership strategies.

His experience with emerging issues in market, divestitures, and corporate management makes Wakeman a sharp market strategist, giving insightful advice to executive level members like Sitter Bees together with Dream funded executives who have built up the reputation for accurate techniques that apply to different industries like the ones Wakeman helped recently. Glen Wakeman is a holder of MBA in Finance and BS in Economics. During his early career, Wakeman successfully held positions at GE Capital, and he acted as the founder of the famous Nova Four.

Wakeman has helped businesses with 17,000 and staff individuals with $15bn in assets, resulting in their development and achievement ( He also applies his proven methodology using five key performance areas: human capital, governance, execution, risk management and leadership. As a coach, he has aided various C-level executives and presently counsels Sitter Bees. He is passionate about innovation, growth, and administrative growth.

Glen Wakeman is the leading participant in transforming business ideas, so his experience with leadership in global affairs is invaluable. He gives strategic advice to angel investing, capital accumulation, and international financing platforms. He is passionate about all aspects of business innovation, development, and growth in the changing global marketplace.

At present Glen Wakeman is the CEO and Founder of LaunchPad Holdings that includes a fully automated Software service that helps early stage entrepreneurs to plan their ideas into workable a gig; its client base is national wide in scope, and it is enjoying a high accelerating growth in a typical curve.