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The King of Luxury Incorporation Jose Auriemo Neto

The King of Luxury Incorporation Jose Auriemo Neto

The Business of Fashion hosts new editions of BoF 500 every year. This is a rundown of most influential figures in the fashion industry around the world. The fresh from the oven 2018 edition comes with crucial names and Jose Auriemo Neto, the CEO of JHSF did not miss making a list. This shrewd businessman was also hosted in last Sunday’s gala dinner party in New York, which was organized by the English Publication.

For the last ten years, Jose Auriemo Neto has transformed the Brazillian fashion industry with the inauguration of Cidade Jardim shopping mall. This was the first open-air market that is filled with international brands including Valentino, Hermes, Brunello, Pucci, and Cuccinelli among others. Additionally, he heads one of Brazil largest real estate development companies. He was responsible for presenting Hermes and Jimmy Choo to the nation.

After more than twenty years in operation, JHSF turned its style to incorporation. This was the mid-90s which now represents above 90 percent of JHSF’s net profits. During this period, Jose Auriemo Neto was involved in various projects in the capital and other interior areas of Sao Paulo. The focus of the company was however based on shopping centers such as Shopping Metro Tucuruvi and Shopping Metro Santa Cruz.

In early 2000, Jose Auriemo Neto identified potential in incorporation geared towards high generating income, a rapidly growing market in the country’s largest cities. Using this strategy, the company invested infeasibility of Parque Cidade Jardim, a project with many functions settling on over 80,000 square meters in the Pinheiros region. A lot of people thought that this was a high-risk project that would eventually flop. However, Jose Auriemo Neto mobilized JHSF to complete the construction of the project.

After completion of this multifunctional project, there were commercial buildings, luxury shopping mall, residential houses, academies and much more. The company acquired massive profits from this project that it decided to trade its shares on the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange. This was an impressive achievement and an essential milestone in the history of the company.

His professional success is parallel to his family. He married an administrator, Mariana Landmann with whom they have two children. His commitments to JHSF has not deterred him from being close to his children and family.

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Dr. Mark McKenna Was Born To Be An Entrepreneur

Dr. Mark McKenna believes his parents helped him become an entrepreneur. They were self-employed and they gave him their entrepreneurial spirit. Their career provided him with great examples of what an entrepreneur should be. His father is a professional surgeon that runs his own private practice and his mother owns a publishing company. Mark began his career as an entrepreneur and he cannot imagine working for anyone. He had no former training, business school degree, or internship.

He started his business ventures while he attended Tulane University. He saved up money through moonlighting at a local prison and performing medical examinations to invest in real estate. After other investments, he started McKenna Crescent Investments. He later started Universal Mortgage Lending and acquired Uptown Title. His business designed and built residential real estate properties, closed titles, and originated mortgage financing.

He had a great portfolio and his company had 55 employees until Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. Many of his properties were destroyed. In response, his company rebuilt or refurbished damaged low-income housing. He moved on to another business venture before the real estate crash occurred. In 2014, he sold his company ShapeMed and earned his executive MBA. He got the degree to help him make his new venture, OVME, a success. ShapeMed was a medical clinic that offered healthcare treatments like Botox. It was bought by Life Time Fitness Inc. Dr. Mark McKenna stayed on as a director for a little while, but he was ready to move on.

OVME was founded in Atlanta as a retail medical aesthetic company. Dr. Mark McKenna plans to open more venues in other major cities, such as Las Vegas. It incorporates a unique direct-to-consumer mobile platform. It will combine modern convenience and the clinic’s high quality service. The company seeks to match professionals with customers to provide a service that is specialized. A venture capital firm gave the company $4 million in seed financing. Dr. Mark McKenna has laid out a five-year plan to take the company to new heights, while making innovations in elective healthcare.

History behind the success of the JHSF

JHSF is among the leading real estates in Brazil. The company has network its operation in various areas to expand its potential in the market. The primary areas that HSF deals with are commercial acquisition and management of shops, property development, and residential market. The firm traces its history way back in 1972 where it was only concentrating on the business activities of the future businesses. The company then exploited its potential in areas of innovation and quality service delivery in the provision of the solution in the Brazilian market. This move placed the firm at a vantage position over its competitors and gave it a chance of priority by the clients as compared to other companies providing the same service.

JHSF has an excellent record of successful management of various projects in the Brazilian market. The consolidation of its activities in the major cities gives it a better way of handling the primary challenges that are associated with the operation. The company runs its operation in stages by using four main units of hotel and restaurant, incorporations airport projects and malls. This has channeled the top management of the JHSF to deal majorly on the income earning services that are consistent. This has also made the company employ different strategies in the market with the intention of winning the confidence of the clients. The major factor that is valued by JHSF is the quality that is believed to be attached to the competent staff. The fact of valuing quality in service delivery has significantly made the company generate a lot of revenues used in expanding the business.

Jose Neto has been running the company for the post of chief executive Officer from the year 2003. He is known be the one behind the introduction of the service department in the enterprise. Additionally, he created another parking lot management firm as one of his achievement in the year 1997. On his development of the shopping center department within the company, he was granted permission to develop Santa Cruz shopping mall. His pragmatic skills in leadership made him the potent person to lead the company.

JHSF as a company has achieved a lot in various sectors that are within the niche of its management.

Shaq and Wasseem Setting up House in Atlantic City

Shaquille O’Neal can be really choosy when it comes to investing, as he wants to know where his millions are being directed. The NBA legend has teamed up with New Jersey’s big time developer Wasseem Boraie to build The Beach at South Inlet, a $61 million apartment complex in Atlantic City. Both gentlemen are simply waiting for the green light to come from the Casino Redevelopment Authority, but it doesn’t appear ready at the moment. The Re-investment Development Authority is likely to drag out the loan expiration date, so it can further re-examine the proposal.

Two years ago, the RDA first approved the $30 million loan to Shaq and Wasseem, but then turned an about face after the Revel and Showboat casinos both shut down, and Trump Taj Mahal began developing financial problems. The RDA placed the proposal on the back burner, so they could re-evaluate the plan for the South Inlet apartment units, which would be located about a quarter of a mile from the city’s famous boardwalk.

Meantime, Wasseem and partner Shaq are raring to hit the court full speed ahead suggesting in a recent press release that their team can show them the money. Outside financing for the Beach at South Inlet Project has arrived via the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency, with all parties on board. Wasseem and Shaq say they are ready to play ball with the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) to make the project happen in the proper time frame.

The Boraie name is no stranger to the game of city development, with Wasseem Boraie as executive vice president of Boraie Development LLC. The family business is well-respected across the state of New Jersey, having breathed new, exciting life into once blighted sections of New Brunswick, the college town to Rutgers University and headquarters of the Johnson & Johnson company. The Boraies under patriarch and founder Omar are experts at successful, urban community development. Wasseem and company are also busy in Newark with plans on Rector Street for a high rise apartment building with 168 units for housing.

The Beach at South Inlet is proposing a $61 million, 250-unit luxury apartment complex with amenities such as a doorman, on-site parking and swimming pool.

The new deadline for the South Inlet loan expiration is January 29th. RDA officials will have to make a decision on the project before that date.

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