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Rocketship Education Has Learned A Lot In The Past Ten Years And Continues To Thrive And Grow

The first Rocketship Education School opened ten years ago in San Jose, California. In those years Rocketship has learned some important lessons. They learned the importance of personalized learning and that the needs of every student combined with home visits are critical to success. They have built strong relations with their students and their families. Rocketship Education focuses on educating the younger student and the kids move on in the fifth grade. This allows for the best parental participation and the highest quality of classrooms. The parents advocate for high quality education in middle and high schools so the children’s education is able to successfully continue.

All children are welcome at Rocketship Education regardless of their creed, class, race, or ethnicity and the best interests of each child is promoted. The teachers are as diverse as the children and this provides a smooth integration. The teacher’s children generally attend the school because their actions are heard louder than any words. Rocketship offers programs for disabled kids allowing for their achievements, education, and acceptance. The atmosphere is open, dynamic, goal oriented, and based on the flex model. The educators have the same mindset as the school and continue to help the children thrive and learn. Rocketship give the attention necessary to public agencies so their schools can succeed. To embrace public education Rocketship Education has even changed their name to Rocketship Public Schools.

Rocketship began when Father Mateo Sheedy began the Juan Diego Scholarship to meet the educational needs of the children. Although he passed away Preston Smith and John Danner continued his mission and the Rocketship Mateo Sheedy Elementary was born. Teachers and parents became engaged in the success of the students and the academic outcome was outstanding. The waiting list soon became full with families in San Jose wanting their children to attend and it became obvious more schools of high quality had become necessary in San Jose. Rocketship now has twelve schools established in California’s bay area, Milwaukee, Nashville, and Washington D.C. Underserved communities are beginning to eliminate the gap in achievement that has been a part of history for too long.