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Darius Fisher-Saving Online Reputations, One Company at a Time

When it comes to the wonderful world of the World Wide Web, you have to be very careful about what you post online. You do not know who can be online and who can find out information about you. You hear all the time on the news about cyber bullying and identity theft. A lot of the time, negative stories happen to make headlines rather than the positive stories.


A lot of companies want to keep a good reputation in this image-obsessed world, so they are seeking out ways in which to repair their online presence. It might take years to build up a good reputation for a major corporation, but it can only take five minutes for that reputation to be destroyed. Online reputation management is important because viewers rely on search engines, such as Google or Yahoo, to get all the information they need about a certain company.


Darius Fisher, President of Status Labs, says that it is important to remember that there are two sides to every story. I couldn’t agree more. Just because something is out there, whether in a blog post or in a newspaper, it does not mean you are always getting the full story. The news constantly gets recycled with new stories popping up and older stories being pushed down. Darius Fisher believes in second chances to all public figures, politicians, and executives and makes it his mission to handle online crisis and fixing digital reputations. Status Labs specializes in repairing clients’ digital presence, so companies can have a more positive reputation. At Status Labs, they fill search engines with positive, relevant content relating to that particular topic, pushing the older and non-relevant stories to the very back of the search engines.


Darius Fisher’s company, Status Labs, has offices in Austin, New York, and Sao Paolo and currently serves over 1,500 clients in 35 countries. As President of Status Labs, Fisher’s vision was to create a strategic vision of the company, built partnerships with agencies, and recruit domestic and international sales and account management teams. Before co-founding Status Labs, Darius has worked as a political consultant and copywriter. Fisher graduated with honors from Vanderbilt University.


How Do People Save Their Careers After Getting Doxxed?

Doxxing is what happens when people have their personal information leaked online in an attempt to make them look bad. The problem is that it works a lot of the time in America because eat up the bad press that they see. They want to pass judgement on people that they read about, and doxxing is so effective that people have their careers ruined in just one shot. A company like Status Labs stops doxxing from being effective, and it reverses the process.

People who want to reverse the process will be able to get help from a company like Status Labs, and they need to make sure that they are going to get a plan from Status Labs that explains what they will do. Status Labs tries to put out a lot of positive media for their clients, and they reverse the process so that their clients can have a new life.

The stigma that follows some people around never goes away because they never get any help with the problems that they have bad.

Doxxing is so bad that some people have to start a new life that has nothing to do with what they were before. They are afraid that they are going to be found out, and they should not try to take that journey on their own. They can get their careers back when they get help from someone like Status Labs, and they will see their image start to turn around with what the PR management company has put out. That helps people start their lives over, and it prevents them from hiding in a corner after someone has doxxed them. Doxxing is a terrible act, but it does not have to scar someone for life. They can get over it when someone helps them make their image look a whole lot better.