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Hussain Sajwani, Owner of DAMAC Properties Is a Widely Known CEO

DAMAC Properties has just told the world that it’s going to introduce a new high-end Business Bay project. This development is going to be called “Reva Residences.” Reva Residences is going to consist of stunning bedrooms that have one or two bedrooms. They’re going to feature vistas of the magnificent and famed Dubai Canal as well. This upcoming property is going to include so many desirable highlights and features. It’s going to have concierge service that’s accessible to all residents around the clock. It’s going to have many perks that contribute to easy and breezy Dubai existences as well.


People who are interested in this thrilling development can find out a lot more in the near future. They can go to an informative sales event that’s set to take place at Jumeirah Emirates Towers’ Godolphin Ballroom. This event is going to begin at 10:00 in the morning.


Niall McLoughlin works for DAMAC Properties as its effective Senior Vice President. He indicates that Business Bay has now achieved status as the city’s entertainment, relaxation and business hub. He also says that Reva Residences is going to perfectly match the community’s sophisticated vibe and feel. McLoughlin states that Reva Residences is going to bring a contemporary and ambitious atmosphere to its surroundings. He believes that Reva Residences will be optimal for youthful couples who work tirelessly. He believes that the dynamic development will be optimal for driven people who prioritize their careers as well. Reva Residences will be excellent for people who do a lot of traveling within the sizable metropolis, too. It’s going to be in the middle of everything in Dubai. Reva Residences will be part of Business Bay’s south section. It will enable people to gaze at the Dubai Canal with ease.


Hussain Sajwani owns and functions as the Chief Executive Officer of DAMAC Properties. He’s in his sixties and has a total of four delightful children. Life as an entrepreneur comes relatively easily to him. He was reared watching his father work as one. The older Sajwani sold a vast range of goods. Sajwani is the CEO who has significant experience. He’s a thoughtful CEO, too.

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