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Securus Technologies Earns BBB Accreditation for Its Role in Crime Solving and Prevention

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of technology solutions used in solving and preventing crimes not only for the general public, but also in correctional facilities. The company’s customers have over the years praised the firm for revolutionizing the correctional facility environment while improving public safety at the same time.


Customer Satisfaction


Many customers have written in via email and letters giving feedback on how technology solutions from Securus Technologies have helped them arrest corrupt staff members engaging in contraband trade within correctional facilities. In another instance, a customer praised the firm’s technologies saying reporting data has boosted the facility’s monitoring efforts using reporting data, which has helped in deterring the incidence of contraband within the facility. Using the company’s covert alert feature, another client was able to take a suspect into custody while in another, LBS software helped in seizing millions of dollars in illegal assets, drugs, and cash money. In cases of harassment and potential threat, Securus Technologies solutions have helped in conducting investigations critical in upholding safety within various facilities and the community at large. Many of the firm’s customers have heaped praise on technology solutions offered by the company saying it offers evolutionary investigative tools which intertwine with their own aggressive investigative mindset.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and has been providing civil and criminal justice technology solutions since then. Given that innovation is one of the key pillars of the company, Securus Technologies owns hundreds of patents and a team of engineers, designers, and technologists solely dedicated to coming up with innovative technology solutions for enhancing public safety, and modernizing the incarceration experience. Consequently, the firm provides thousands of law enforcement, public safety and corrections agencies with simple but powerful tech solutions which help them in executing their duties. Thanks to its success in the field, Securus Technologies has been a BBB-accredited business since 2016 after meeting the necessary criteria for such accreditation.


Securus Technologies Helping Officers Deal With Gangs

Gangs in prison are more dangerous that you might think, especially when the entire prison population outnumbers the inmates by 4:1 in most cases. As a corrections officer, I know that each day I head off for work I need to bring my A-game or I could wind up in a hospital or worse. These gang members in jail have a real hatred for authority, so we have to follow a strict regime each day to try and keep order.


Weapons and drugs in an inmates hands inside prison is a very dangerous combination, so we are always working to limit the flow of contraband into the jail. The one place we see the most potential for trouble is at the visitor center, and here is where inmates are up close and personal with the outside world, and it only takes the blink of an eye for something to go from one person to the next. This is why we do searches of every person before they meet and after they meet.


Securus Technologies is the company we partnered with to help update the inmate call monitoring system we are using in our facility. The company has thousands of employees and have these monitoring system in 2,600 jails, so they know what they are doing. The objective of Securus Technologies is making the world safer, and we just hoped it would do the same for our work area.


Using the LBS software allows us to listen to all the inmate calls and identify certain conversations that could help us find weapons and drugs. This week alone we heard inmates talk about selling drugs and kicking money to the gang leaders, smuggling prescription drugs on certain dates, and who hides the drugs in a safe place outside their cells at night.

Monitoring Inmate Activities with Securus Technologies

Working as a corrections officer in a packed jail is a challenge in every sense of the word. On any given day, the inmates are doing everything possible to try and game the system behind our backs. If we tell the inmates they can not have something, they will spend countless hours trying to make it happen. Listen to the inmates and they will tell you that they can access drugs and weapons more easily behind bars than they could if they were out on the streets.


To try and keep the inmates from getting out of line, we have to monitor the visitor center in full force. This usually is the biggest way the inmates get their hands on illegal contraband. Even with a huge police presence at the gates, they will pressure their visitors to come through those gates with something they need even if they are putting this person at risk of getting arrested. Our team does surprise cell inspections and even opens the mail to try and find anything the inmates should not have in their possession.


When Securus Technologies installed the inmate call system, we had no idea how instrumental this device would be at helping control the flow of contraband in the jail. I was brought up to speed on the LBS software and it was incredible how quickly we discovered things that were going on in the jail right under our noses. Now we were getting information right from the inmates without them knowing they were feeding us the information.


The inmates think they can talk in code to avoid us picking up key details, but thanks to Securus Technologies, we have been able to put a stop to a huge problem we have had for years. We put a dent in the flow of drugs and weapons, making the jail safer for visitors, inmates, and officers alike.


Securus Strives For Excellence In Environment Ripe For Abuse

Politics have become hotly debated these days. It seems the country is split like never before. But for all the bluster and promises made by politicians, the real political battles are constantly taking place all over the country without a spotlight.


Conservatives would argue that our country was founded upon capitalism. But capitalism seems to be failing us in certain regards. Take the prison telecommunications industry, for example. Upon a quick look, it seems as though prisoners all over this country are being taken advantage of by predatory telecommunications companies.


If you are convicted of a crime, you can expect to be sentenced to prison. Once inside of that prison, you have no choices. This lack of choices also includes telephone services. The telephones inside of that prison are serviced by one company and one company alone. You cannot shop around for a better price or service. And the telecommunications company that provides those services is chosen by the prison. And there is very little regulation concerning how that telecommunications company is supposed to treat you.


Some of these telecommunications companies, including Global Tel-Link, charge astronomical rates for prison telephone calls. After all, the prisoners inside of the facility have no choice. There is no open market capitalism when it comes to prison telephone calls. This creates an environment ripe for abuse.


There is one telecommunications company that does incredible work. The Better Business Bureau recently accredited Securus Technologies, ranking the company on honesty, integrity and transparency. The BBB accreditation confirms that Securus accurately represents itself and its services. Positive customer reviews illuminate how the company provides a superior telephone call quality and internet communications protocols.


When open market capitalism fails a certain segment of the population, you must give credit to the companies that continue to strive for excellence when they do not have to.


This Christmas, Securus draws attention to many benefits of video visitation

Securus Technologies, a national leader in prison communications and management systems, is getting the word out about its innovative video visitation platform. Since the mid-2000s, Securus has been developing and deploying its video visitation network that connects inmates with their families via a secure, encrypted internet connection. This has proven to be a great favorite with staff and inmates and has demonstrated many benefits to the institutions themselves. But maybe those positively affected the most by this ground-breaking new technology are the families of prisoners who are spared the staggering costs of physically traveling to prisons far from their homes in order to visit with their loved ones for an hour or two.

Almost like home for the holidays

Video visitation has enable inmates to stay in touch with their families in ways that, prior to 2005 or so, simply didn’t exist. For example, take a look at this emotional video to see the kinds of communications possibilities opened up by this new technology. Inmates who, in times past, were previously isolated from their families and friends are now virtually transported home. And one of the most beloved aspects of video visitation is that in many institutions prisoners can interact with their loved ones without limit, so long as they have a sufficient balance in their calling account. This is a watershed in inmate communications that has allowed prison to be a little less dehumanizing for both the prisoners and their families.

Families themselves were too often subjected to the same sort of harsh treatment as the prisoners. Many families new to the world of corrections were simply unprepared for the psychologically tormenting experience of being thrust into the prison environment. Despite wardens and staff doing everything in their power to make for an agreeable atmosphere when conducting inmate visitations, certain exigencies always exist in the management of any situation where prisoners are allowed to come into contact with outsiders.

Prison visits are not just a potential threat to the institution itself through the importation of contraband and communication in furtherance of criminal conspiracies, but they can also become a mortal threat to the visitors. The United States has a long, unfortunate history of visitors to prisons being taken hostage and even killed.   The harsh protocols enacted to ensure the safety of inmates, staff, guests and the institution itself are a necessary, if lamentable, part of prison management. Through the widespread use of video visitation, more innocent family members than ever are being spared the trauma of the prison environment.

Securus Technologies Sends Out Press Release Concerning GTL

In the technology industry, there are many issues that arise related to technology. Issues such as what company developed certain technology, when technology was developed, and how technology is designed. One of the ways that many companies make announcements regarding technology is to send out press releases to inform the public of recent developments.


In recent months, GTL has sent out multiple press releases concerning technology that the company has a vested interested in using. The technology is currently wrapped in patent ownership discussions.


Securus Technologies also has interest related to the same technology. As a result, Securus Technologies felt compelled to respond to the recent press releases sent out by GTL concerning the technology in question. The primary purpose of the press release sent out by Securus Technologies is to point out misinformation included in GTL’s press releases.


The press release sent out by Securus Technologies mainly list the claims made by GTL and shows the responses to the claims by Securus Technologies. In general, Securus Technologies feels that GTL has stated claims that are not accurate. The press release by Securus Technologies points out what is wrong with each claim made by GTL.


I believe that the recent press release by Securus Technologies in response to the GTL claims make it clear that the claims made by GTL have various issues that need to be addressed. In addition, I think that Securus Technologies handled the situation in a professional manner and is trying to make it clear to the public what GTL has done related to earlier press releases concerning the technology in question.


Securus Technologies is a company that is widely respected in the technology industry. The company provides an array of products and services that help organizations in fields such as public safety, law protection, and corrections.