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Renown Health Has Established A New Clinic in South Reno

Renown Health is the largest not-for-profit, locally owned health care network in the Northern Nevada region. The company recently announced a new location at in South Reno at the Summit Mall. This family practice clinic will provide primary care services as well as a lab and has future expansion plans in the works.

The Medical Director of Renown Medical Group, Dr. McCormack, said that the clinic was designed to be comfortable for patients, both those waiting and those being treated in rooms. He designed the front of the clinic to look like a large living room. The space the clinic occupies is also flexible in order to meet current and future needs such as featuring a conference room. Dr. McCormack said some decisions have to remain pending as the election of Donald Trump as President created an air of uncertainty in the field of healthcare. Until the promised appeal of Obamacare is sorted out, and what Republican’s plan to replace it with, makes being cautious the wisest decision.

With over 5,500 employees, Renown Health is one of the largest employers in the region it serves. It was originally founded in 1862 as Washoe Health System in reaction to a smallpox outbreak in Northern Nevada. It established the first hospital in the area in 1864 and opened the region’s first pediatric unit in 1949. Other accomplishments of Renown Health include the first cancer treatment facility in Northern Nevada, in the 1970’s, and the establishment the residency program of the University of Nevada – School of Medicine at their facilities in 1979.

Dr. Anthony Slonim is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Renown Health, which he joined in 2014. Soon after he earned his position, Renown Health was just the fourth hospital in the world to have a surgery performed with the Da Vinci Xi, a robotic surgical system that has proven highly successful in patient outcomes.

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