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Andy Wirth, a Valuable Asset to Squaw Valley Community and Ski Industry

Andy Wirth has been serving as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holding since 2010. His dedication to developing and improve Squaw Valley has seen him appointed as the chair of Reno- Tahoe Airport Board. The airport will leverage his vast experience in hotel and Ski resort industries, as well as his strong eldership qualities. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Mr. Wirth is expected to help the airport make important decisions regarding development planning that will see an expansion of ski resorts and hotels in the Squaw Valley. Wirth is considered as a valuable asset both to the community and ski industry.

Mr. Andy Wirth was born in 1963, in Germany. He went to Colorado State University where he graduated with a science degree. All his career life has revolved around ski resort business, where he has served on numerous boards including National Ski Areas Board.

His career in ski industries has accorded him rare opportunities of being involved in send-off celebrations for various American Olympic teams before heading to official Olympics.

Squaw Valley is one of the most famous ski resorts in the region. Through a commitment to improve the area and attracts more visitors, Mr. Wirth has evidently demonstrated his passion in ski resorts. He has even appeared on Television “Undercover Boss” where he vividly expressed his vision for Squaw Valley and ski resorts.

His effort is often noticed, over the years, Mr. Wirth has received numerous awards that recognized and celebrated his accomplishments in various fields. They include Citizen of the year by Disabled Sports USA due to his work along with his Ironman team. He is also a holder of the prestigious Chairman’s Outstand Award that recognizes strong leadership skills.

If I were to describe Mr. Andy Wirth, I would feature him as a man who knows what it takes to face adversity and consider it as a challenge when it happens both in his personal life and in profession. This can be inferred from near fatal skydiving accident that left his arm reattached and called for several surgeries.

Nevertheless, due to his Ironman nature, he was back to work and went on to co-found an Ironman team, which focuses on raising money for Navy Seal Foundation.