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Porfirio Sánchez Galindo’s Exemplary Managerial Skills

Porfirio Sánchez is a distinguished business person and is particularly renowned for his fundamental role in planning and implementing various strategies. Porfirio was born in 1975 in Mexico and studied at Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico and later earned a degree in Applied Math in 1998. Porfirio also attended Stanford Graduate School where he concentrated in Executive education. Moreover, Porfirio attended Carnegie Mellon University, a reputable institution in software studies.

Additionally, Porfirio Sanchez enrolled for further studies in several other Mexican institutions. This vast level of knowledge enabled him to gain relevant skills in business practices that include strategy development and planning. Further, he holds exceptional brilliance in several disciplines that include sound character and ethic in his line of work.

Porfirio’s career has been distinctly recognized in several platforms and earned him several awards while serving in different capacities. A case in point is his role as the chief of staff at Mexican finance Ministry, a position he served for over six years until 2006. For the record, Porfirio actively served as a member of Doctors without border/Medicins San Frontiers an organization that is based in the United States of America.

The fore mentioned group competently managed to offer emergence response services globally together with other medical practitioners. The group of Doctors without border was also focused on giving urgent medical solutions in cases of an epidemic outbreak. However, the group was primarily interested in providing medical aid to various marginalized groups across the world.

Porfirio now works at Editorial Televisa where he serves as the chief executive officer. Porfirio resumed this role in 2016 on the merit of his outstanding skills. The need to restore high standards of performance at Editorial Televisa saw Porfirio Sanchez as a suitable candidate for the role. Porfirio’s skills in technological practices also contributed to his suitability for the post.

In summary, Porfirio Sanchez is a determined editor and publisher with precision in his thoughts and decisions. His industrious trait has greatly contributed to his exemplary portfolio. Finally, Porfirio Sanchez published several materials that include Young living, Men’s health Mexico, Fitness Magazine, Runner’s weekly, attention media, and Caress among others.