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Sam Tabar: A Life and Legacy

Sam Tabar is a man of many qualities, the most notable being finance and legal training. He’s been working in the legal and finance industries for his entire career. In his words, he’s always found finance and law interesting. When he started college, it was very clear to him what fields he should pursue. He’s always known a little about law, but finance was new to him. To his surprise, the world of law deals with a lot of financial aspects. Even though his primary focus was law, finance pulled at his passion as well. He has two law degrees; one from Oxford University and the other from the Columbia School of Law.

The key financial element he found himself continuously working beside was hedge fund management. The amount of legal presence in hedge funds was what drew him to pursuing a career that would allow him to continue to explore this financial aspect. It didn’t take long for Sam to become an expert in hedge fund management. So much so, that he would eventually become Head of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction. Even though Sam continues his passion for finance, he’s never stopped working in law. He is still a licensed practitioner of law and holds a seat on the New York Bar. Sam finding hedge fund management and the laws that govern them is what made Sam Tabar the experienced expert he is today.

Aside from finance and law, Sam has many charitable passions. He is an advocate for women’s business presence. He was one of the earliest investors in THINX, an organization that supports women in African and Asian nations who are trying to be their own boss. His job has taken him all over the world, exposing him to many different cultures and languages. Sam knows all too well how hard overcoming a language barrier can be, which is why he’s becoming fluent in Japanese and French. Much of the business he’s responsible for is in Pacific Asia. He is most fluent in Japanese.