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Eva Moskowitz Is A Pioneer, Fighter And Leader For Superior Education

If you were to step into a classroom at the

Success Academy Charter school in Harlem you would notice

every student seems fully focused and engaged with

the work at hand.


The teachers are in full command of their classrooms.

Even the halls and lunchrooms are orderly and quiet.


The Success Academy in Harlem is a branch of the nation’s most celebrated  charter school network.


Success Academy’s founder and CEO is Eva Moskowitz a former New York

City Council member who drew attention to students

learning opportunities in New York. She set out on a mission to improve the system.


In 2006 she founded the charter school system that 10 years

later has grown into 34 highly successful schools providing

a superior education with superior results to over 11,000 kids demonstrating how much the school choice movement can achieve at its very best.


In 2016 Eva Moskowitz received the Savas Award for Public-Private Partnerships from

The Reason Foundation, a nonprofit that publishes

Reason Magazine and Reason TV.


Despite all the accolades and success, Eva Moskowitz has

not built this strong educational system without resistance. Over the last

10 years during the massive growth spurt of the Success Academy, Unions have sued

the organization, blocked entrance to their schools with demonstrations and even

the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio has thrown out 3 of Success Academy’s Charter Schools.


Despite resistance from unions, politicians and even negative publicity in The New York Times, Eva Moskowitz continues to fight the good fight and grow the Success Academy.


Eva Moskowitz is no stranger to fighting for what she believes in.


Her battle for better education began as early

as her own days in high school. Raised in Manhattan, Eva Moskowtiz

attended high school at Stuyvesant High where she thought half of

the teachers were incompetent and that she didn’t learn anything while

attending there.


Eva went on to graduate with a B.A. in History with honors from the University of Pennsylvania, then received her Ph.D in American History from John Hopkins University.


While attending the University of Pennsylvania, Eva Moskowitz was criticized by a professor for her writing skills. That stuck with her and she has made writing a big priority with both teachers and students at the Success Academy Charter Schools.


She is a fighter but more importantly for the success of the Success Academy and its students, she is an educator.