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The $18 Billion Contribution Saga of George Soros and the Worried Conservatives

George Soros has a prominent position in the philanthropic world with his Open Society Foundations and contributions to charity and liberal groups across the globe. Recently, he transferred a major share of his wealth, $18 Billion, to Open Society Foundations. When almost everyone appreciated the kind heart of George Soros, there was a set of people who were not happy with the attention Soros captured in the philanthropic world. It is none other than the conservative groups and their theorists. Considering the liberal campaigns of Soros and his opposition towards flawed conservative policies, the conservative sections consider him as an enemy to them.

The heavy contribution also made OSF the second largest philanthropic group, according to funds and operations, in America just behind the Gates Foundation. This has made the conservatives as well as the billionaires from conservative side upset. The theory group started working on fabricated stories to malign Soros as well as downsize his noble contribution that could help millions of people to change the direction of their life. It was not new that Soros was always drawn as someone who captured significant influence in the financial spectrum around the globe. Though he made his fortunes from risky currency trades, the markets around the world are huge that cannot be altered by a single person.

Plotting him as a philanthropic boogeyman by conservatives was showcasing the current political moment. It is understood that the ideological frustration of the conservative camps is paving ways for targeting the billionaires in the liberal end – an attempt to divert the attention from their internal fights and other core issues. However, the conservative groups often forget that if the liberal groups try to target the conservative billionaires like Koch brothers – who always have a shadow image in front of the ordinary people of America – conservatives may face bigger blows. Interestingly, the liberal stories about conservative billionaires would have more selling appeal as the conservative riches are perceived as dark money groups.

However, many people are upset with the fact that targeting philanthropists and their contributions may discourage the young philanthropists. The young philanthropists may think that every philanthropist might be targeted by various groups later. This can adversely affect the charitable donations and works in the society. George Soros is a proponent of open society ideologies and known for declaring that laissez-faire capitalism poses the biggest threat to open society ideas after the collapse of communism. Though Soros earned his fortunes from capital markets, he thinks that it is his duty to disclose his observations.

George Soros was born in Hungarian Jewish family in 1930 and moved to England in the year 1947. He secured his graduation from the famous London School of Economics. Hoping to test his insights about capital markets, Soros moved to the United States and became a stock trader at American stock markets, including the Wall Street. In the early 1970s, he established Soros Fund Management, a currency trade-focused hedge fund firm. His hard work and market insights made the company highly successful, and in the later years, Soros started founding Open Society Foundations across the globe.

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Dez Perez has Continued to Play an Active Role in its Development

Jay-Z has been known for his exploits involving the music industry for the duration of his career, and in 2008, he signed a deal with touring giant, Live Nation that was reported to be worth $150 over a 10-year period. That deal is set to come to an end next year, and music industry insiders have gone on record to state that the music mogul has been signaling many of the movers and shakers in an effort to get a new deal done in regards to recorded music. While Live Nation has been adamant about their intention to continue their relationship with Jay-Z regarding the touring aspect of their original deal, they have decided to end their relationship concerning his recorded music. Since the signing of the original deal, Live Nation has changed their stance on recorded music, and are no longer in the business of investing in it.

Jay-Z, along with the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation, Desiree “Dez” Perez, was recently seen at the offices of Sir Lucien Grainge; the Chief Executive Officer of Universal Music Group. As Universal has already invested in Roc Nation, albeit on a minute scale, it has been speculated by those with intimate knowledge that an impending partnership could be brewing.

In her role as Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation, Dez Perez has continued to play an active role in its development since joining in 2009. Having been a part of Jay-Z’s tight-knit circle for the better part of 20 years, Dez Perez has helped to oversee many of the power moves credited to the music mogul, as she is known as a formidable negotiator. Part of her daily role at Roc Nation is to participate in aspects such as publishing, management and labeling operations. She recently played an integral role in Rihanna’s new deal with Samsung.

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Citizens For Responsibility And Ethics Established By George Soros In Washington

An organization of public interest is the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics. It is based in Washington. This is an organization that is focused on litigating against the corrupt political leaders. It targets Republicans exclusively. This organization is funded by the Open Society Institute besides the Democracy Alliance.

This is a Group that was established in 2001 and brings ethics charges against the government officials that betray the public trust and focuses on their private interests only.

In this way, the Group uses the law to bring a constructive change socially. With the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, America is trying to get transformed into a nation which embraces the leftist values and policies too. It aims to discredit the conservatives along with the Republicans. In this way, their numbers will decrease in the political offices all across the nation. Thus this Group funded by George Soros is targeting the public officials who are Republicans.

Citizens for Responsibility Ethics in Washington have been founded by Norm Eisen along with Louis Mayberg. Both of them are Democrat activists. The financial backing comes from Arca Foundation besides David Geffen Foundation. There are many other institutes that fund it besides George Soros. These are the Democracy Alliance, the Mayberg Family Charitable Foundation and the Open Society Institute belonging to George Soros, along with the Sheller Family Foundation. Funding also comes from the Streisand Foundation, besides the Tides Foundation, along with the Wallace Global Fund, as well as the Woodbury Fund. All these institutions are known for the support being provided by them to various far-left causes.

Melanie Sloan is the Executive Director of the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. Melanie is a Democrat who was a Nominations Counsel earlier for the Senate Judiciary Committee that is headed by Joe Biden.

The officials of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington are known to have deep ties with political Left.

A number of scandals have been made public by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. A prominent one of these was about Mark Foley, the Florida House Republican, Mark Foley who was forced to resign in 2006 after the disclosure of sending sexual emails to a teenaged boy. These email correspondences were obtained by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. It also claimed that FBI was well-aware of all this correspondence of Rep. Foley, but still they did not take any action against him earlier. In this way, the FBI had let a sexual predator loose. For more info about us: click here.

It was in 2104 that David Brock joined Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington as he was elected as its chairman. In 2017, the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed a lawsuit against Trump’s decision of allowing foreign governments paying for his business operations.