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Jeremy Goldstein: New York lawyer offers insight on employees incentives

Many factors are in play before a stable economic environment is established for people working in the business sector. Addressing these factor has been a challenge, and the services of competent business experts have been necessary for survival. People who have expertise on certain issues can offer appropriate direction on the way to go when such matters affect a business. Jeremy Goldstein is a layer in New York and has experienced firsthand some of the factors that are affecting the business environment.


One outstanding issue is the incentives that are given to the employees. This is an issue which normally leads to conflicts between the long terms investors in a company and the employees. Jeremy Goldstein has had a chance to work with some big corporations in the country which include Verizon, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America. Jeremy is an expert on matters of compensation and incentives in the corporate environment.


Under the compensation programs, there is one area that he is an expert in; earnings per Share. EPS is a performance-based incentive method that is supposed to bring all the employees of a company into a program that will reward them depending on performance set by the senior executives.


The use of EPS in incentive programs for employees’ generally is a positive thing. However, if it does not apply in the right manner, it might bring a problem into business. For a company, making sure that this program is implemented appropriately is one way of enhancing business. EPS influences the way a business performs financially. EPS is a major determinant of the value of a stock. A better EPS will also amount to better stock value. This is one of the things that investors will want to know before buying or selling shares. A good stock value will obviously attract clients to the company.


When well utilized in a company, EPS can lead to good growth in a business. However, if it is not used appropriately it will only lead to short term and in the long term, it will not have any effect. The senior executives of a firm may choose to use underhand means to influence the value of a stock by raising the EPS intentionally to attract investors. This amounts to business dishonesty and should not be allowed at all. There is also a loophole in this system in that the senior management may apply favoritism in business since they are the only people who can set the performance metrics.


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