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Jeremy Goldstein: New York lawyer offers insight on employees incentives

Many factors are in play before a stable economic environment is established for people working in the business sector. Addressing these factor has been a challenge, and the services of competent business experts have been necessary for survival. People who have expertise on certain issues can offer appropriate direction on the way to go when such matters affect a business. Jeremy Goldstein is a layer in New York and has experienced firsthand some of the factors that are affecting the business environment.


One outstanding issue is the incentives that are given to the employees. This is an issue which normally leads to conflicts between the long terms investors in a company and the employees. Jeremy Goldstein has had a chance to work with some big corporations in the country which include Verizon, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America. Jeremy is an expert on matters of compensation and incentives in the corporate environment.


Under the compensation programs, there is one area that he is an expert in; earnings per Share. EPS is a performance-based incentive method that is supposed to bring all the employees of a company into a program that will reward them depending on performance set by the senior executives.


The use of EPS in incentive programs for employees’ generally is a positive thing. However, if it does not apply in the right manner, it might bring a problem into business. For a company, making sure that this program is implemented appropriately is one way of enhancing business. EPS influences the way a business performs financially. EPS is a major determinant of the value of a stock. A better EPS will also amount to better stock value. This is one of the things that investors will want to know before buying or selling shares. A good stock value will obviously attract clients to the company.


When well utilized in a company, EPS can lead to good growth in a business. However, if it is not used appropriately it will only lead to short term and in the long term, it will not have any effect. The senior executives of a firm may choose to use underhand means to influence the value of a stock by raising the EPS intentionally to attract investors. This amounts to business dishonesty and should not be allowed at all. There is also a loophole in this system in that the senior management may apply favoritism in business since they are the only people who can set the performance metrics.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein has been a lawyer for about 15 years. He started in a big law firm before he went his way and started a law firm known as Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. The law firm is based in New York. He holds a Juris Doctor from the university or New York. Learn more:


Bruno Fagali Offers Advice in Administrative Law

It is by default that each and every one requires a highly experienced and an exposed lawyer in handling a sophisticated legal issue. You need a lawyer who can zealously fight to safeguard you. You also need a lawyer who works towards getting the best possible results in your case. For instance, you need to hire a personal injury lawyer soonest possible in case you have been injured as a result of your careless action or due to the negligence of another person. A business or a corporate lawyer can play a big role in helping resolve the matter to do with a business dispute. You will also be required to consult a lawyer who is conversant with the business law as well. Fortunately, you can easily find a reliable injury lawyer for a case evaluation. Learn more on Bruno Fagali reports research that reveals that Brazilian companies are more concerned about adopting anti-corruption mechanisms in 2017:

If you happen to deal with administrative or regulatory law issues, you will definitely require speaking to a lawyer who is destined to deal with such cases in the field of law. There are a good number of lawyer out there who are set to take clients through cases that incorporate regulatory as well as administrative law. All you need is to ensure is that you hire a super smart and competent lawyer. Bruno Fagali is a prominent lawyer with tremendous experience in the field of law. He has been on the field for years and hence he has extensive experience resulting from tremendous practice. He is termed as one of the brightest minds in his field of specialization.

Bruno Fagali has a great and credible academic and professional background. This background identifies him from many other lawyers in this similar filed. He is highly honored by his clients as well as his partners due to his credible performance. He is a well-known corporate integrity manager at the top-rated advertising agency that he established. Bruno Fagali pursued administrative Law at the University of Sao Paulo. After he earned his Bachelor’s Degree, he proceeded to pursue Master’s degree program and completed his studies in Law. Bruno Fagali operates his own law firm in Brazil and represents his clients in anti-corruption law, regulatory laws, administrative laws, Federal Civic actions in conjunction with other related matters. Visit:

Bruno Fagali: Hiring an Attorney to Advise you

Bruno Fagali is considered as one of the best Brazil-based legal representatives who has amassed a great amount of wealth solving the problems facing most of his clients in the industry. Bruno Fagali has great determination towards achieving the most sophisticated solution for every problem he is facing in the industry. Bruno Fagali’s success emanated from his solutions. This is because he has always accessed better legal service values in a way that is not instituted in the industry. Few people have developed the level of success Bruno Fagali has in the business world. Perhaps this is the reason why he is assimilated for greater legal service needs in the business world.

Bruno Fagali also specializes in administrative law. One of the biggest challenges the Brazilian major business conglomerates are facing is the issuance of assimilated business growth. Few people can compare their levels of success with Bruno Fagali. This is because he has never lost a criminal case in a court of law since his career began. For this reason, few people are looking for better business values with Bruno Fagali in a manner that sets him apart in the industry. Perhaps this is the reason why he is assimilated as the best in the industry.

Bruno Fagali advises that one needs proper guidance before they embark on choosing an attorney to represent them in their criminal cases. While they can get an attorney to assist them in their case, they also need to understand that various attorneys specialize in different aspects of the law. It is also good to seek the guidance of an attorney who develops better business values than those seeking towards solving the problems in a manner that sets the industry apart. While Bruno Fagali has a wide experience in the industry, he has developed guidelines to help you choose one of the best lawyers in your case. Know more

Hiring a Powerful Lawyer in Brazil

Are you in need of legal advice or guidance in Brazil? There are great attorneys out there. Finding a Brazilian legal adviser who will do an exceptional job, is not difficult if you know how to approach it. There are a lot of general practice law firms out there but it is always advisable to choose a law firm or attorney with experience in putting together and reviewing contracts. Get an individual who is well versed in the type of problem you are facing. It might cost you more, but the outstanding result will be well worth the charge.

If you want to be sure you are getting the right legal representative or law firm to handle your legal matter, you will need to do your research properly. By doing some preparation work before choosing a legal adviser, you’ll certainly have a better chance of getting the best legal counsel for your case. It can often be nerve wracking to meet with a legal adviser, especially if the matter you need handled is highly relevant or emotionally charged. There are resources that can help you effectively ascertain whether a particular legal professional is right for you.

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