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Kevin Seawright Transforming The Lives Of Baltimore Residents Through Affordable Housing Solutions

Despite their differences, most people have one thing in common, and that is owning a home at some point in their lives. Fortunately, if you are in Baltimore, it is now possible to turn your dream home into a reality thanks to RPS solutions LLC. Established in 2015 by Mr. Seawright, RPS is a company famed for going the extra mile in ensuring that first-time buyers enjoy a smooth ride while acquiring their first homes and Anita Blue is perfect proof of that.

Through RPS Solutions, Anita Blue was finally able to get her dream home in 5701 Edge park in Maryland. The property dates back to 1948 and is the perfect fit for any family as it has two bathrooms, three bedrooms and lies on 4350 square feet piece of land offering her family and her expansive space for daily activities. Its interior is also quite spacious as it has more than 1450 square feet of living space and features a long string of rustic features such as granite countertops, hardwood floors, a fireplace and contemporary windows.

It is thanks to the unique leadership acumen of RPS solutions director, Kevin Seawright that Anita Blue and other members of the community can now make their homeownership dreams a reality. Mr. Kevin Seawright is dedicated to improving the quality of lives for the community which is why he steers the company towards the provision of affordable housing facilities. Unlike most companies which only focus on people with a six-figure income, RPS takes a unique approach by focusing on individuals who crave for safe and modern homes but with limited resources and less knowledgeable about the process involved in the home acquisition. Read more about Kevin Seawright at

To further enhance its ability to achieve this objective, RPS solutions entered into a partnership with the National community stabilization trust. This move has helped fuel the rate of home acquisitions by average income earners in Baltimore and, Anita Blue now joins the list of homeowners in Baltimore thanks to this partnership. Commenting about the matter, Mrs. Blue attributed the success of the entire process to the partnership as it not only helped speed up the process but also made it less hectic for her because she has little to no knowledge about the process of procuring any property leave alone a home.

While announcing about the partnership to the public, Kevin said that it comes at the right time as it will benefit the entire community and help fuel Baltimore’s economy. Established in 2009, the NCST is committed to restoring and renovating abandoned homes throughout Baltimore hence improving the quality of life for all locals by offering affordable housing solutions. So far it has helped more than 23000 people get their perfect homes and the recent alliance with RPS solutions will help it achieve even more milestones for the residents of Baltimore.

More insight on RPS solutions LLC and Kevin Seawright

RPS solutions is the brainchild of Kevin Seawright. The company has been in play since 2015. Within the short span that it has been around, RPS solutions has helped turn around the fortunes of myriads of needy individuals in Baltimore. This is made possible by a team of highly proficient and experienced professionals led by Mr. Seawright. Its primary aim is to improve the quality and economic status of as many people as it can through affordable housing projects and in return strengthen the unity of community members.

Kevin is an Almeda University graduate with extensive knowledge of the commercial and residential real estate scope. He boasts long-term experience and a string of academic accreditations in areas such as human resource, accounting, and management which is why he comes up with innovative strategies every day. His resume is quite rich having worked with various prominent facilities such as the Babe Ruth Museum and being part of major public education projects. It is through this knowledge and experience that Mr. Seawright empowers the community around him.

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