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Ian King: The Crypto-Market Analyst

Ian King Banyan started working as a junior clerk at the Solomon Brothers’ financial co-operation firm. Ian King later relocated to greener pastures at Citigroup limited where his main task was to do credit derivatives. Later on, Ian King went to another promising job offer at a New York-based financial firm, Peahi Capital. As the head of trading, Ian King spent a decade trading options for the venture. The knowledge learned from the experiences he received along the way has propelled him to greater heights.

To achieve what he has accomplished at his age, one needs to have a proper educational background. He acquired his education from Lafayette College where he studied a bachelor of science in psychology. Learn more about Ian King at

With an experience of over twenty years in trading options, Ian King is currently majoring in Cryptocurrency trading. His detailed and almost certain analysis in crypto-market has greatly been featured in various media centers and financial firms organizations among them, Investopedia fox business news among others. His in-depth analysis has seen him be poached by well known and reputable companies to give an insight into the crypto-market standing.

In the year 2017, he began writing for Banyan Hill publishing where his input is mainly on the cryptocurrency market. Furthermore, at the Crypto profit Trader service, he is an editor as well and additionally, he keeps the Banyan Hill followers happy by guiding them to the developing trends in the crypto-market. His contribution to sharing the knowledge he has learned has given his the world stature.

Last but not least, his hands on experienced gained over the years have helped him attract a massive following on his articles. His pin diverse angle of approach puts his way ahead of the rest making him one of the best editors Banyan Hill publishing has ever had. He is definitely one of the most valued editors at the firm which boasts of producing the best quality and in-depth research. Read more: